Usher’s album earnings and streaming numbers skyrocket thanks to the Super Bowl halftime show

Experts at BestUsaCasinoSites reveal streams of Usher’s staggering earnings from his new album and how much his streaming numbers have skyrocketed since his big Super Bowl performance.

Usher’s album “COMING HOME” was released on February 9th and racked up 4.32 million streams on Spotify. The Best USA online casinos site can reveal following the Super Bowl, the album has racked up an estimated 429.6 million streams and counting.

On average, Spotify will pay artists around $0.005 per stream, working out at 70% to the artist and 30% to Spotify in revenue.

Therefore, from calculating Usher’s new album streams, we can safely say the album is now worth an estimated $2.14 million and counting based on Spotify streams alone.

The album has placed at number two on the iTunes and Spotify charts worldwide, topping Coldplay, Adele, and Taylor Swift.

Meanwhile, after dropping his brand new single ‘Ruin’ on February 10th, the track gained 1.4 million YouTube views in five days. Following his performance, the experts reveal the song gained another 900,000 views on YouTube four days later, now sitting at 2.3 million views.

“Ruin” currently has over 3.3 million streams on Spotify. Experts at BestUsaCasinoSites calculate the track is now worth an estimated $16,500 dollars and counting.

Usher’s YouTube channel also gained an impressive 40,000 new subscribers in just two weeks.

During his Super Bowl performance, Usher celebrated his ‘Confessions’ album turning 20 years old. Following this, Google searches for ‘confessions usher’ have skyrocketed by 455% since the start of February.

He performs several hits from the album, including Yeah! ft. Lil Jon, Ludacris and appeared in roller skates as he performed his chart-topper “OMG” with

Experts reveal even before the Super Bowl, the hit song Yeah! spiked on Google searches across the US by 200% since the beginning of January.

US Google searches for ‘omg usher’ have also surged by 222% in the US over the past week.

Usher’s Confessions album now has a staggering 2.7 billion Spotify streams, and experts at BestUsaCasinoSites reveal the album is now worth an estimated $13.5 million and counting.

A spokesperson for BestUsaCasinoSites says,

“Whilst performers are not paid for a Super Bowl halftime show, they still see significant boosts in their streams, social media followers, and overall earnings every year.

“In last year’s performance, Rihanna saw a 390% boost in song sales, according to Luminate.

“Usher has released a brand new album ahead of his star performance. However, while he aims to bring traction to his latest tracks, his older material has come full circle as songs including ‘OMG’ and ‘Yeah!’ are now re-trending.”


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