Fintech Day 2024: Closes with immense Success, highlighting Lithuania’s role as a key player in the development of financial services.


Fintech Day 2024, the Baltic region’s flagship fintech event, successfully concluded its third edition, marking a significant milestone in its history. The event, known for its groundbreaking discussions and high-level participation, attracted over 650 attendees, tripling in size since its inception in 2022. This year’s event underscored Lithuania’s prominent position in the fintech landscape, drawing attention to its commitment to nurturing and expanding the sector.

President Gitanas Nausėda inaugurated the conference with a powerful message, emphasizing Lithuania’s dedication to fostering fintech innovation. “Lithuania is a fintech nation,” declared President Nauseda, highlighting the country’s strategic focus on becoming a leading hub for financial technology. This sentiment was further echoed by the presence and support of key governmental figures, including the Minister of Finance Gintarė Skaistė, Viceminister of Finance Vaida Česnulevičiūtė Markevičienė, and Viceminister of Economics and Innovation Karolis Žeimaitis. Their participation reinforced the importance of financial innovation and technology to the Lithuanian economy.

Fintech Day 2024 featured an impressive roster of more than 50 speakers from 13 countries, all experts in their respective fields. The event boasted a 45% foreign attendee rate, reflecting its international appeal and significance. Highlights included thought-provoking presentations by notable figures such as Mike Sigal from Sigal Ventures, Morten Rongaard, founder of PixelPai, and Riaan Dreyer, Chief Digital and Data Officer at Islandsbanki. Attendees were also captivated by discussions featuring Marine Krasovska, Head of Fintech Supervision Department at the Bank of Latvia, and Rainer Olt, Head of Payment & Settlement Systems Department at The Bank of Estonia, Tadas Vizgirda, General Manager at SHIFT4 PAYMENTS and Sarp Demiray, CEO & Board Member at European Merchant Bank.

One of the event’s most talked-about moments was the debate featuring Antonia Socratus, an AI-powered avatar, who went head-to-head with a panel of experts to discuss the future of financial services. The conference’s agenda was packed with keynote speeches, panel discussions, and onstage interviews, covering topics like AI in finance, the evolution of payments, regulation as a competitive advantage, the role of Lithuania in shaping the future of fintech, and the impact of extreme innovation on the financial system.

The event, Coproduced by Rockit, the Lithuanian Fintech and Sustainable Innovation Hub and Mastercard, highlighted Lithuania’s role as a key player in the development of financial services that are accessible, sustainable, seamless, and convenient. It was noted that Lithuanian companies are now serving one in ten Europeans, showcasing the region’s growing influence and the effectiveness of its fintech strategy in supporting high-growth companies with compelling value propositions.

Fintech Day 2024 provided invaluable networking opportunities, facilitating discussions and collaborations among fintech founders, regulators, financial institutions, academia, investors, and enthusiasts. The event’s success and the exceptional turnout underscored the continuous demand for insights into the rapidly evolving finance sector.

In addition to the main conference, Fintech Day 2024 hosted several side events, including investor sessions and masterclasses aimed at guiding investment strategies. These sessions offered deeper dives into the fintech landscape, further enhancing the event’s educational and collaborative atmosphere.

As Fintech Day 2024 concludes, it leaves a lasting impression on the future of financial innovation in the Baltic region and beyond. The event’s overwhelming success is a testament to the need for expanding the Baltic platform, enabling companies to showcase their innovations and solidifying the region’s reputation as a powerhouse for fintech innovation. This sets the stage for attracting even more attention from foreign companies, investors, and talent in the years to come.