Palworld popularity on Twitch skyrocketed, outshining all Pokémon games viewership combined!

A new analysis has revealed that Palworld has eclipsed the entire Pokémon series in Twitch viewer counts.

The examination by analyzed more than 50 Pokémon games currently streamed on Twitch to determine how many hours each game was being watched weekly and yearly. They then compared the results to the same periods for Palworld.

The data showed that Palworld accumulated over 27.8 million watch hours in the past week, dramatically surpassing the combined 2.07 million watch hours of the entire Pokémon series in the same period; this means that Palworld received around 1243.54% more view hours than Pokémon.

Comparing the most popular Pokémon game (Scarlet/Violet) over a yearly period to Palworld’s recent seven-day performance still shows Palworld in the lead. Palworld’s week-long viewership stood at around 49.9 million hours, whereas Pokémon Scarlet/Violet’s year-long viewership was nearly 41 million.

Not only does Palword dominate viewer numbers, but it also dramatically outnumbers Pokémon’s broadcaster numbers, with Palworld being broadcast by 169,343 channels over seven days, vastly outnumbering Pokémon’s 16,544 broadcasts.

Commenting on the findings, Nico Arnold from said:

“The surge in Palworld’s popularity might reflect the Pokémon community’s eagerness to explore familiar characters in varied formats. Fans seem excited to see their favourite Pokémon-inspired elements in different gaming genres.

“Palworld’s success suggests an evolving landscape where elements from iconic series like Pokémon are reimagined, potentially leading to a wider array of Pokémon-inspired games, such as strategy or racing, in the future.”

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