Xiao-I (NASDAQ: AIXI) and ABB (SIX: ABBN) Forge Strategic Partnership to Drive Industrial Digital Intelligence Advancement with Hua Zang Universal Large Language Model


Xiao-I Corporation (NASDAQ: AIXI) (“Xiao-I” or the “Company”), a leading cognitive artificial intelligence (“AI”) enterprise in China, successfully held the signing ceremony for a strategic cooperation framework agreement with ABB Group (SIX: ABBN,”ABB”) on November 23, 2023, in Shanghai. Mr. Du Yuqing, Senior Vice President and Mr. Zhang Xudong, Senior Director, from Xiao-I, attended the signing ceremony. Xiao-I and ABB will leverage their platform resources and innovation capabilities to foster collaborative cooperation in fields such as smart parks, with the common goal of advancing long-term development through mutually beneficial partnerships.

With a history of over 130 years and headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, ABB established a manufacturing factory in Xiamen as early as 1992. ABB collaborates with globally oriented enterprises to create customized products.

At the signing ceremony, representatives from both parties officially signed the strategic cooperation framework agreement. Mr. Du Yuqing stated “With over two decades of deep cultivation in cognitive intelligence technology innovation, Xiao-I has accumulated rich experience in commercialization and possesses independent intellectual property rights through the industrialization of AI. ABB, as a technological pioneer in the electrical and automation field, stands as a highly reliable partner. We will initially collaborate in the fields of smart energy and smart parks, gradually expanding our partnership to foster deeper and longer-term cooperation, aiming to achieve synergy and mutual development.” As a leading player in leveraging cognitive intelligence to empower diverse industries, Xiao-I has accumulated over two decades of implementation experiences and established a comprehensive portfolio.

In the era of AI, the emergence of smart parks signifies a new trend in enterprise advancement. The combination of traditional industrial parks and modern information technology will create a more efficient and intelligent development environment for enterprises. Based on the Hua Zang Universal Large Language Model’s core features of “controllable”, “customizable” and “deliverable”, this strategic collaboration between Xiao-I and ABB will promote comprehensive cooperation in multiple fields, fostering the digitalization and intelligent development of industries.