Breaking New Ground: iSHANG and Earth Exchange Unveil Revolutionary NFT Staking Program for Environmental Sustainability in Response to the COP28 Climate Conference.


In a momentous stride toward environmental progress, iSHANG, the Web3 arm of Coinstreet group, and Earth Exchange revealed their innovative NFT Staking Program in response to the 2023 COP28 climate conference recently held in UAE, marking a pivotal milestone in their committed journey towards sustainability.

Their joint initiative, introducing the NFT staking program for earning carbon rewards exchangeable for the LCD (“Lowest Carbon Denominator”) Token, highlights their steadfast commitment to leading sustainable solutions in the environmental sector.

Teaming up with iSHANG, a leader in “Web3-as-a-Service” (W3aaS) solutions, Earth Exchange, under the Promax United & Preferred Partner’s umbrella, spearheads the global digitalized transaction for pioneering environmental & Climate changes businesses. At its core, this joint endeavour revolves around introducing an innovative NFT staking program that not only upholds the integrity of carbon offsets but also scales voluntary carbon markets, contributing significantly to a more sustainable future.

LCD Token Impact

Aligned with UN Climate Standards, the LCD Token sets a baseline value for each digital carbon unit, derived from environmental sequestering. Fully traceable for authenticity, it prevents counterfeiting or manipulation, securing transaction integrity in the virtual asset ecosystem.

Through this strategic alliance between iSHANG and Earth Exchange, the unveiling of the LCD-NFT staking program marks a significant milestone. Featuring four levels—Advocate, Activist, Ambassador, and Warrior—participants actively contribute to environmental awareness and sustainability by minting collectible NFT assets. This partnership seamlessly integrates technology, environmental consciousness, and the virtual asset economy, providing users with a sustainable and immersive experience on the Earth Exchange platform.

“We are delighted to endorse the LCD-NFT staking program utilizing the eco-friendly iSHANG Web3-as-a-Service platform, operating on the Polygon blockchain,” stated Samson Lee, Co-Founder at iSHANG. “Utility NFTs present a range of practical applications beyond mere collectible artwork. In this instance, the LCD-NFTs function in real-time, enabling users to seamlessly integrate their enthusiasm for virtual assets with a dedicated commitment to environmental sustainability.”

“Earth Exchange is crafted with the aim of fostering mutual benefits on our planet in accordance with the United Nation Agenda 2030 for sustainable Development, capitalizing on the global digital transition through coordinated and unified initiatives in addressing climate change.” declared H.E. Louai Mohamed Ali, the President of Promax United and Preferred Partners. “The partnership underscores our joint dedication to merging virtual asset ownership with environmental responsibility,” emphasized H.E. Dr. Mohamed Hussein Al Ahdaly, CEO of Promax United, the parent company of Promax Digital Assets Group, the creative force behind the Earth Exchange platform.

“The LCD-NFT introduces a powerful avenue for users to express their commitment to sustainability and make a positive impact on our planet,” he added.

The collaborative LCD-NFT and Staking Program, between iSHANG and Earth Exchange, invites users to support environmental causes by minting and owning NFTs actively. This initiative not only contributes to sustainability efforts but also allows users to earn carbon rewards exchangeable for the LCD Token, digitizing measurable carbon units for traceability and authenticity within the digital currency. Aligned with UNFCCC standards, the LCD-NFTs play a pivotal role in global climate change initiatives. This joint venture will ensure secure and transparent transactions, embodying a commitment to empowering individuals in sustainable practices.