Philips and Kim to Launch Accessibility Products

Kim (, the no-code, SaaS, patent-protected document generation, assembly, and workflow automation platform, and Philips Dictation (, a global leader in dictation solutions and speech recognition technology, will work together to revolutionize how organizations handle webforms for accessibility.

The convergence of Kim Document’s expertise in document generation and webforms and SpeechLive’s unparalleled speech-to-text technology presents a transformative solution for organizations seeking to streamline and enhance their form-filling processes. This partnership is set to empower users by enabling them to effortlessly populate webforms through speech and enhance accessibility for all stakeholders within an organization.

Karl Chapman, CEO at Kim, said, “By combining the strengths of Kim and SpeechLive, we are delivering a solution that goes beyond efficiency; it prioritizes accessibility, ensuring that everyone within an organization can effortlessly engage with webforms.”

Key Benefits of the Kim Document and SpeechLive Partnership:

Effortless Form Population: Users can now utilize the power of speech dictation to seamlessly populate web forms, reducing manual input and boosting overall efficiency.
Enhanced Accessibility: The partnership places a strong emphasis on accessibility, ensuring that individuals of all abilities can easily interact with and contribute to webforms.
Streamlined Processes: Organizations can expect streamlined workflows, improved accuracy, and reduced time spent on form-filling tasks, leading to increased productivity.
Cutting-Edge Technology Integration: The collaboration leverages the latest advancements in document automation and speech dictation technology, positioning users at the forefront of innovation.
As organizations increasingly prioritize accessibility in their digital interactions, the Kim Document and SpeechLive partnership is a commitment to providing solutions that meet evolving needs.

Ryan Braddock, Vice President and Sales Director – United Kingdom & Ireland at Philips Dictation, said, “Kim has long-standing industry expertise in the automation of documents. Philips Dictation is a leading provider of Dictation and Speech-to-Text solutions, and we look forward to KIM becoming a valued partner in enabling us to maximize our potential in the UK market by delivering accessibility and document automation.”

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