Bitget Announces Vugar Usi Zade as Chief Operations Officer0

Bitget, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange and Web3 company, today announced the appointment of Vugar Usi Zade as Chief Operations Officer.

With a 15-year career as a management and communications expert, Vugar brings expertise to the forefront. His journey includes impactful roles in Fortune 500 companies and fast-paced startups. Before joining Bitget as Chief Operations Officer, Vugar served as the Chief Marketing Officer at Beincrypto and as the Head of Marketing at SONY. Prior to these roles, he held senior positions at renowned companies such as Facebook, Danone, and Carlsberg. Vugar also has a solid background as a seasoned management consultant, having served as a Senior Manager at Bain and Company, focusing on Private Equity Ventures. Holding master’s and post-graduate degrees from Harvard University and the University of Oxford, Vugar is a published author and researcher.

“Vugar brings decades of senior leadership experience in the finance industry with a focus on new technologies, growth, and global regulation,” said Gracy Chen, Managing Director at Bitget. “Over the past years, we’ve achieved remarkable growth, establishing ourselves as a leader in the crypto industry. This success has enabled us to attract top-caliber senior executives from diverse backgrounds. We are delighted to welcome Vugar Usi Zade as our new Chief Operations Officer, a strategic move reinforcing our commitment to long-term development. His extensive experience building and scaling global businesses will be invaluable as we strive to realize our vision of becoming the world’s leading crypto exchange. Under Vugar’s guidance, I am confident that Bitget will maintain the agility required to consistently strengthen our platform in a compliant way and meet the evolving needs of users worldwide, driving the next phase of our global growth.”

As the newly appointed COO of Bitget, Vugar usi Zade will play a crucial role in spearheading and scaling the company’s global business growth. His responsibilities include leading go-to-market teams and overseeing strategic expansion efforts. Additionally, Vugar will be instrumental in enhancing Bitget’s presence and influence within the broader crypto ecosystem, contributing significantly to the platform’s continued growth under the legal and regulatory framework of each key market.

Over the past two years, Bitget has experienced tremendous growth despite market volatility. The company achieved significant milestones, including substantial business growth and establishing a partnership with global football star Lionel Messi to promote Web adoption. According to Bitget’s newly-published Transparency Report in 2023, Bitget cemented its position as one of the top 5 derivatives trading platforms and top 10 spot exchanges with over 20 million users. To sustain healthy and compliant growth, Bitget’s team has expanded rapidly to over 1,500 employees across various functions and geographies.

“I consider myself fortunate to have personally experienced the robust security, power, and overall excellence of Bitget as a customer. I am thrilled to join Gracy and the management team as we embark on the next chapter of accelerated growth in the dynamic cryptocurrency landscape. With Bitget’s solid foundation and ambitious vision, my enthusiasm is directed toward driving operational excellence and expanding the company’s strategic reach in this rapidly evolving industry. Bitget has rightfully earned its place as an industry leader through innovative product offerings and a steadfast commitment to users. Leveraging my expertise in business expansion, partnership cultivation, and optimizing global operations, I am committed to fortifying Bitget’s presence across key regions,” said Vugar Usi Zade.

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