Quick Answers & Image Review Provide Fast, Simplified Ways to Find, Engage With & Approve Content Across Fandom’s 45M Wiki Pages

Fandom, the world’s largest fan platform, is utilizing AI to provide faster and easier ways for both creators and fans to find and engage with content across its 45 million wiki pages. Fandom’s new AI features will deliver curated quick answers, easier image selection and management and optimized content recommendations to enable faster and more accurate editing for wiki admins while making information more accessible for the 350 million fans that come to the platform each month.

“Our creators are the most passionate fans in the world. That’s why Fandom boasts the deepest repository of fan information, anywhere,” said Peter Mansour, Chief Product Officer at Fandom. “AI serves as a powerful tool, enabling creators to effortlessly organize their content and also helps our visitors find what they’re looking for swiftly and seamlessly.”

“We’re always evolving our product strategy to offer our communities the latest tools to engage the millions of fans who visit their wiki pages each month,” said Brandon Rhea, Vice President of Community at Fandom. “These new products are a direct result of our creator’s feedback, and Fandom is committed to providing the functionality they need to better serve their communities.”


Quick Answers

This new product utilizes Gen AI to provide fans with concise, direct answers to their questions, allows wiki admins and editors to quickly review curated answers to maintain a high bar for quality, and provides the option for creators to add their own curated questions & answers.

Quick Answers streamlines content organization, saving creators valuable time by automating the manual task of formatting the content and presenting information in a concise and easily digestible way. This is an optional feature for wiki admins to utilize on their pages and is currently available on Fandom’s top character pages – including Avatar, Harry Potter, The Last of Us and The Witcher – and will be scaling across the platform over the coming months.


Image Review

Fandom is using AI to simplify the image review process across its wikis to ensure quick and accurate removal of inappropriate content, in partnership with Coactive.AI. This eliminates the need for a time-consuming human review of every image across Fandom’s 45 million pages of content and provides admins with appropriate images for use on their wiki pages.

Coavtive.AI also provides quick and easy auto-approve or auto-reject options for every uploaded image onto their wiki pages. Future iterations of this feature include auto-tagging all images for better SEO.

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