Internet Vikings Becomes the First Sports Betting Hosting Provider Fully Licensed in Arizona and Vendor Registered in New York


Internet Vikings solidifies its position in the United States by securing an Ancillary Supplier License in Arizona. The company also expands its reach on the East Coast by obtaining vendor registration in New York.

“Acquiring approval from the local authorities in Arizona and New York was pivotal for us and marks a major achievement,” stated Rickard Vikström, Founder and CEO of Internet Vikings. “New York is the largest and highest-grossing sports betting market in North America, representing strategic importance for the industry. However, it was even more important to be able to bring our offering to Arizona where the number of sportsbooks keeps increasing fast.”

According to Vikström, these moves positioned the company to meet the escalating demand for reliable and DDoS protected hosting services.

Internet Vikings’ Head of Regulatory Affairs, Elena Kvakova, revealed that the process of obtaining the supplier license in Arizona went smoothly. The company had to partner up with a licensed local data center, as per requirements, to meet the compliance norms.

Internet Vikings bases its New York operations within one of the esteemed casinos located upstate. This arrangement not only ensures compliance with local legislation but also guarantees optimal connectivity and performance for its clients.

Chief Operations Officer Kristoffer Ottosson expressed the company’s readiness to support its clientele: “We continuously leverage our infrastructure to guarantee reliability, scalability, and security of our services and are prepared to expand to meet the evolving needs of our customers.”

Internet Vikings continues to prioritize its mission of delivering comprehensive hosting services tailored to the unique requirements of the casino and online sports betting sector. The company’s expansion into the two markets aligns with its unwavering commitment to empowering clients with secure and reliable hosting solutions that foster business growth and success.

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