Jackpot Digital Obtains License to Run Jackpot Blitz® at Sac & Fox Casino


Tribal Gaming Commission, which regulates Sac & Fox Casino in Powhattan, Kansas, to run Jackpot Blitz® ETGs at the property.

The company will initially install two dealerless Jackpot Blitz® ETG units the casino.

Jackpot Digital’s President and CEO, Jake Kalpakian, said: “We are excited to place more Jackpot Blitz® ETGs in the field and we expect installation of these units in the coming weeks. Our tables are installed on a revenue share basis and produce recurring monthly revenue.”

He added: “Casinos all over the world are experiencing inflationary salary pressures, combined with a significant shortage of dealer/casino employees, making our product more attractive than ever before. The company is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the macro trend toward automation in the casino industry. Through Jackpot Blitz® innovative dealerless technology, casinos are quickly recognizing the benefits of more revenues by dealing more hands per hour while at the same time drastically reducing costs and eliminating operational/employee requirements all at once.”K

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