Huddle Tech Inc. forms partnership with Odds On Compliance


Huddle Tech Inc., the industry’s leading software and services provider for gaming operators in regulated markets, has partnered with specialist technology and consulting firm Odds On Compliance to help further expand and strengthen their presence in the U.S.

The collaboration will provide Huddle with strategic guidance around regulatory compliance, allowing the company to develop multi-jurisdictional gap analysis, enabling a scalable approach to compliance in the U.S.’ various jurisdictions.

The partnership also enables Huddle to make full use of Odds On Compliance’s proprietary Playbook product; a platform providing the most comprehensive online repository of U.S. gaming compliance documents available globally, combined with intuitive AI functionality allowing for easy, natural language searches.

Francesco Borgosano, CEO at Huddle Tech Inc. and co-founder of Huddle, said: “The United States is fast becoming the world’s most important market for sports betting as it continues to open up on a state-by-state basis. As such, we’re incredibly grateful to be able to utilise Odds On Compliance’s game-changing proprietary Playbook product.

“This strategic partnership will give Huddle all of the tools and knowledge it requires to navigate the complex and intricate regulatory framework of each state we look to operate within going forward.”

Željka Perković, SVP Compliance at Huddle Tech Inc., said: “We’re delighted to have partnered with Odds On Compliance. The expertise of Eric’s team in conjunction with the Playbook will enable us to expedite our efforts to position Huddle as a trusted partner that operates to the highest standards and with integrity; and whose solutions support and safeguard our customers’ operations.”

Eric Frank, CEO and Co-Founder at Odds On Compliance, added: “We are thrilled to partner with Huddle. This is another important partnership as we continue to grow Odds On as both a preeminent gaming technology and compliance consultancy business. We are particularly excited to see another industry powerhouse take advantage of our game changing technology, Playbook.”

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