Survey Reveals Poor CRM Strategy Impacts Retention with US customers


Enteractive/Harris Poll Findings Reveal Americans Would Prefer Human Interaction

Leading retention firm Enteractive announced the results of a survey of Americans attitudes towards customer relationships in the United States. The survey was commissioned by Enteractive and conducted online by The Harris Poll among over 2,000 U.S. adults 18+ to shine a light on consumer preferences and attitudes in the US, as the European CRM experts enter the market in 2022.

With recent legalization in New York, plus 19 other states allowing some form of wagering, online gambling brands are signing up thousands of new players during important sporting events like the Super Bowl, March Madness and the upcoming Tennis Grand Slam events, the US Open and Wimbledon. However, they are also losing a large proportion of newly acquired customers due to a poor approach to loyalty and CRM standards.

The findings of the survey were consistent with this lack of CRM focus in the US, especially in the technology and entertainment fields currently. Some of these include:

– 90% of Americans would prefer to speak with a real person when contacting a brand with an inquiry as opposed to an automated agent

– 89% of Americans believe brands’ call agents should speak the same language as the customer they are calling

– 87% of Americans think US brands should use a CALLER ID when contacting customers so they can clearly see who is calling them

– 87% of Americans said they are MORE LIKELY to stay loyal to brands if they are able to speak with live agents who care about their experience when contacting them

– 70% of Americans find robo-calls from brands frustrating, with 54% confiding they are VERY frustrating

– Two in five Americans would not be averse to getting a call from brands (42%) to check in and improve the customer relationship

Enteractive CEO Mikael Hansson noted, “I was so pleased to see the results as they bear out our personal interaction business model, that we are excited to be bringing to the US later in the year.” Adding, “Since 2009 we’ve had real people talking to our clients’ customers in their own language to bring them back with amazing success. We’re looking forward to helping US companies with their customer retention by actually speaking with their users as well.”

A leader in customer retention in the online gambling sector across various global markets with clients typically seeing a 500% increase in customer reactivation, and a 300% increase in customer spend, Enteractive is entering the US market as online and mobile sports betting and other iGaming formats grow quickly as the number of states with legalized sports betting has increased.

As part of the survey, Enteractive polled Americans on attitudes towards online gambling and found that 52% support some online casinos/sports betting nationally, while 49% approve of the same at the state level.

“There’s currently a gold rush in the US sports betting market,” adds Hansson, “and the eventual winners will be those brands that engage with their customers and build relationships for the future. Every brand must keep a clear focus on all aspects of their offering, ensuring that all the hard work in getting to market, and the expense of customer acquisition is not quickly lost to lapsing customer relationships.”

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