JCM Global Installs 30 DSS CUBES at Grand Casino Hotel & Resort


JCM Global has installed 30 DSS CUBES from its Digital Signage Solutions collection at Grand Casino Hotel and Resort in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

JCM’s DSS CUBES are suspended above the hallway connecting the resort’s hotel and casino. The 120-foot-long expanse serves as a gateway for guests from the casino to explore the property’s many other amenities in the hotel and hospitality areas, and the CUBES act as an inviting, tantalizing guide.

This is JCM’s second DSS installation at Grand Casino and first CUBES installation in the state. In December, JCM installed a 10mm Mitsubishi NXL Series double-sided digital sign that measures nearly 40 feet wide and 20 feet tall on both sides.

“We are thrilled with the digital signage cubes provided by JCM. The suspended cubes draw attention and elevate the space, and the creative content from Render Impact really brings them to life,” said Grand Casino Marketing Director Chad Mathews.

JCM’s DSS CUBES are designed to join, stack, or suspend practically anywhere in any indoor venue, transforming the space and enhancing the guest experience with unique true three-dimensional designs and shapes that bring content to life.

The creative team at multimedia studio Render Impact produced a variety of engaging content for the project, drawing in guests to the connecting hallway. The original content includes Grand Casino-branded chips, 3D glowing neon card suits, a liquid golf logo animation, and blooming flowers.

In addition to digital signage solutions, Grand Casino utilizes JCM’s UBA bill validators, GEN5 Thermal Printers, and ICB Intelligent Cash Box system.

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