Odds On Compliance, the industry-leading technology and consultancy firm specializing in sports betting, iGaming and gambling regulatory compliance in the USA and abroad, announced that it has partnered with Cognistx, a Pittsburgh-based applied-AI company founded by Carnegie Mellon University academics. Cognistx will be Odds On Compliance’s strategic partner for software development and the creation of technology improving the management of regulatory compliance for the industry.

“We are thrilled to partner with Cognistx with Sanjay Chopra at the helm. Our clients, and the industry as a whole, continue to face increasing regulation and the complexity of navigating multi-jurisdiction issues in a rapidly expanding environment. At Odds On, our mission is to help the industry deal with this increased complexity, partnering with Cognistx and leveraging their AI technology will allow Odds On Compliance to use data science to provide more value for our clients and their businesses,” said Eric Frank, Founder & CEO of Odds On Compliance.

Combining the gaming industry expertise of Odds On Compliance with the experience of Cognistx in artificial intelligence will provide a groundbreaking opportunity to increase productivity and reduce costs in the complex world of regulatory compliance. Cognistx Co-founder Sanjay Chopra has over 30 years of technology and AI systems experience and is also an adjunct faculty member at Carnegie Mellon University teaching e-commerce and strategy courses.

“AI advances are having a significant impact across industries, helping businesses secure networks and work faster and more efficiently,” said Cognistx Co-founder and CEO Sanjay Chopra. “We’re excited to partner with Odds On Compliance to enter the gaming industry, delivering the latest advancements in AI technology on a variety of projects with a first-class partner.”

Chopra will act as a strategic advisor to Odds On Compliance, guiding the company on the latest developments in AI technology and its integration into Odds On’s offerings.

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