2021-100 Adoption Of Amendments To Regulations Of The Nevada Gaming Control Board And Nevada Gaming Commission

At its meeting on September 23, 2021 the Nevada Gaming Commission adopted amendments to regulations as follows:

• NGC REGULATION 7A.017: Limitations Periods

Draft dated June 30, 2021

Effective upon adoption

• NGC REGULATION 4A.020: Fees; Scope of Charitable Lottery or Charitable Game

Draft dated August 16, 2021

Effective upon adoption

To obtain a copy of the regulation amendments, please call the Executive Secretary’s office at (775) 684-7750, or submit a written request addressed to the Executive Secretary, Nevada Gaming Commission, P.O. Box 8003, Carson City, Nevada 89702-8003.

The above regulations are available on the Commission’s website at http://gaming.nv.gov/index.aspx?page=51

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