! launches in New Jersey!

In partnership with QuickChek, Increases Accessibility of the Lottery, Delivering a Secure and Contactless Online Experience, Starting with New Jersey Inc., the first digital platform for buying lottery tickets on any device, with no app download or deposit required, today announced its official launch, starting in the state of New Jersey. The company is partnering with QuickChek, creating a unique partnership dynamic between a company and a brick-and-mortar convenience store chain.

Both and QuickChek are experts on delivering official state lottery tickets and complement each other via the brick and mortar offering from QuickChek and the accessible and modern approach to the lottery from As the exclusive retail partner of, QuickChek enables the New Jersey-based startup to reach consumers via awareness in the iconic fresh convenience market chain’s 138 stores across the Garden State.

Headquartered on the Hudson River in Jersey City, is a registered courier of the New Jersey Lottery  and only the second licensed lottery courier in the U.S. The company’s dual mission is to uniquely modernize how the lottery is played while increasing its benefit to the public by aiding state funding and bolstering the proceeds that benefit many New Jersey residents including teachers, police and fire personnel, and other public employees. Attracting a new generation of lottery players who value convenience and accessibility, the company offers consumers the benefits of a web-based platform – not a mobile app – meaning no downloads are necessary and access from any digital device is possible. Furthermore, with 57 percent of ecommerce sales in the U.S. happening outside of mobile apps, websites remain the most popular channel when making an online purchase (Source: Statista). In addition, does not require consumers to add money to their account in advance, enabling players to only pay for exactly what they purchase.

“Our team is here to promote the lottery in a way no one else imagined – a digital first user-centric way that requires no app downloads or deposits,” said Thomas Metzger, CEO of Inc. “At we are on a mission to increase contributions to good causes, tying them to every ticket sold. To help us achieve this, we’ve partnered with QuickChek, a leader in convenience and service. Coupling this offering with our best-in-class lottery distribution platform, we are able to deliver a seamless online experience for players in the most secure way possible.”

“We are no stranger to today’s digital world as we have been providing consumers with convenience through mobile ordering, our mobile rewards app, and the ability to order delivery online,” said QuickChek Vice President of Marketing and Operations, Don Leech. “Our partnership with will enable us to further meet the needs of consumers who prefer to shop and play online.” operates a state-of-the-art e-commerce platform based on four key pillars, including convenience, security, safety, and peace of mind, all of which enables players to buy official state lottery tickets.

  • Convenience: We offer a seamless way to play your favorite lottery games. If you are 18 years old or older you can pick your lucky numbers manually or use the platform’s Quick Pick random number generator.

  • Security: Security is at the top of our list. Your information is secured behind several layers of protection. Payment information is managed by our industry-leading payment partners who comply with all PCI standards. Physical lottery tickets are stored in our fire-proof vault monitored 24/7.

  • Safety: We take the appropriate measures to encourage our players to play responsibly and not run into any financial troubles. This includes providing the controls to set spending limits and schedule self-exclusion.We also perform age verification and geolocation checks to ensure proper use of the platform.

  • Peace of Mind: There is no need to worry about losing your ticket or ownership disputes – it is a digital ticket and if you buy it, then you own it. It’s as simple as that. Plus, we’ll notify you if you won so you don’t have to set any “check your numbers” reminders.

By supporting user participation in U.S. state lotteries, helps fund state-run programs across education, parks, emergency responders, veterans’ health, and other vital services. Depending on the state, up to 50% of all lottery ticket sales support these initiatives. Since 1964, the modern lottery remains hugely popular in the U.S., and globally. In 2020 alone, lottery sales in the U.S. reached almost $90 billion, with nearly $27 billion distributed among community programs and other good causes (Source: Statista).

As the number one lottery retailer in New Jersey, QuickChek stores have proven to be a rewarding source for lottery players, having produced four million-dollar lottery winners in a four-month span between September 2020 and January 2021, including a $33.2 million Powerball jackpot winner on Jan. 31, 2021. A division of Murphy USA (NYSE: MUSA), QuickChek is based in Whitehouse Station, NJ, and has 157 total store locations.

As of today, anyone in the state of New Jersey can purchase lottery tickets via, as well as access information about previous and future draws. Looking ahead into the near future, has plans to expand nationally, and aims to bring this level of accessibility to lottery players in many other states across the U.S.

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