Asensi Technologies gets accredited as a certification laboratory in Peru


Asensi Technologies – a gaming certification laboratory accredited by the DGOJ in Spain – achieved a significant milestone by obtaining its registration and authorization as an accredited certification laboratory in Peru.

For Asensi Technologies, this accreditation is a significant achievement that validates our commitment to excellence and quality in our assessments and services.

Aurora Merino Salas, CEO at Asensi Technologies, says <

We are excited to be able to offer our assessment, certification and technical compliance services to authorized B2B and B2C companies in Peru, for all types of products.

We are also thrilled to contribute, alongside the DGJCMT-MINCETUR, to the development and growth of this market as it begins its journey in regulation.

With this accreditation, we expect to strengthen our relationships with existing clients and establish new strategic partnerships that will drive our growth and expansion in the Peruvian market, alongside that of our clients. Their success is our success.

We are confident that this accreditation will further position us as a reliable and leading partner in our field. Since our beginning in 2017 as a certification laboratory in Spain, this step forward, in Peru, fills us with excitement and encourages us to continue growing and progressing.

We are eager to maximize the opportunities that this market offers, both commercial opportunities and of cooperation with the regulator, and for the expansion of our knowledge and expertise>>.


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