The panel on 'Operational Intelligence in Brazil' aims to help companies arriving in the country


The Brazilian iGaming Summit starts on the 28th of June and will be full of interesting people and topics that will be debated during the two days of the event..

The largest meeting of the gaming sector in Latin America has prepared an interesting and rich program to satisfy the needs of the market.

“Operational Intelligence in Brazil” is the theme of the panel that will be held on June 28, at 4:20 pm, at Espaço Boulevard JK, in São Paulo, as part of the official program of the Brazilian iGaming Summit, BiS.

It will try to deepen relevant discussions on how to structure game operations in a professional and scalable way, thinking about structure, technology, marketing, service, and will be presented by Natália Nogues, André Vinícius de Alencar, both partners at Control + F5, and by Vivian Lima, from Zest Eventos.

For André Vinicius de Alencar, participation in the event is extremely important, as he considers it the largest in the gaming market today in Brazil: “In addition to being connected to the market, we are in our locality, discussing the most relevant topics and exposing our knowledge for our customers, partners in our ‘home’,” he says.

“I believe that talking about ‘Operational intelligence in the Brazilian gaming market’ is to awaken the market to what really matters in a gaming operation. We look forward to sharing some of the knowledge we have and helping the market to understand that this is the time to professionalize its platforms and offer the best to the market”, he comments, because “today the market has understood that it is not about uploading a website , in Portuguese from Portugal or Spanish for the Brazilian market, but to think about the details of the market, get to know the public and mainly worry about the user experience within the platform.”

For Natália Nogues, investor partner of Control F5: “The closer we are to professionals and companies focused on igaming, the more we will have opportunities for all together to grow this market and attract more B2C audiences to our surroundings. Bets increasingly need to gain space, show their serious work and dissemination, be increasingly accepted by society.”

Vivian Lima, from Zest Eventos, says that BiS is the biggest event in the gaming sector in Brazil. And he says that with the experience of those who have been in all the previous ones already filmed in the country since 2016. “With the approximation of regulation, I see companies increasingly present in the national territory, not only with their brands exposed in large sponsorships, but also by hiring professionals who are attentive to the local market”, she says.

And about his panel, he adds: “For over 11 years, I have helped international companies do business in Brazil, through business fairs in various sectors of the economy. This will be a great opportunity to share this experience, success stories and tips.”

For Vivian, the Brazilian gaming market is growing and there is room for those who respect and adapt to Brazilian culture. In his words: “Many people think that knowledge of the language or the sector is enough, but it takes much more than that: knowing the consumer, how they behave in each of our regions and adapting strategies to differentiate themselves. After all, there can be several competitors, if your company really arouses the interest of your customer and delivers what they need, he will be your brand promoter.”

The Brazilian iGaming Summit, The Brazilian iGaming Inteligence has a varied and interesting program during the first two days, adding up this year a third day, where the Latam Affiliates event will take place.