The renowned Buenos Aires Slots & Bingo and Bingo Varela have opened their doors to the successful Link King and Link Me of Zitro. Two of the company’s most iconic games enter the scene, displayed on the Fusion cabinet, creating the perfect duo for a show of unlimited entertainment in the room.

The essential Link King and Link Me have great progressive prizes, in addition to their stellar Bonus Link: a completely unique and exciting bonus. The Fusion cabinet with its two 27 ”Full HD and 23” LCD topper screens, is the perfect platform for an impressive staging thanks to its spectacular graphics and surround sound.

Alejandra Burato, Zitro Sales Director for Latin America, commented: “The continuous demand for new experiences from players inspires us to improve ourselves. To design, create and launch a vast number of new and increasingly exciting games. For this reason, at Zitro, we want to support the operators by offering them the best range of products that will guarantee high performances in the room”.

On his side, Angel Florentín, Operations Manager added: “At both Buenos Aires Slots & Bingo and Bingo Varela, we are committed to the continuous renewal of our offering. We always aim to provide our players with the best gaming experience. Once again, we trust Zitro to be part of the continual expansion of our gaming and entertainment offer”.


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