Reelsoft introduces Vision Mega Jackpot: A breakthrough in progressive jackpots for Vision Link platform partners

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Reelsoft, a software innovator in the iGaming industry, is thrilled to announce the launch of the Vision Mega Jackpot, an advanced progressive site jackpot designed exclusively for Vision Link platform partners. This new feature is set to change the gaming landscape by offering customisable and engaging jackpot experiences for players, while providing operators with powerful tools to enhance player retention and engagement.

The Vision Mega Jackpot offers fully configurable jackpot pools, including mini, minor, major and mega jackpots. This flexibility allows operators to tailor the jackpot to specific markets, jurisdictions, and casino environments, creating a unique, bespoke and personalised gaming experience. Players can opt-in to the jackpot with a small, fixed additional bet, gaining a boosted chance of winning without affecting their base game play.

Key features of the Vision Mega jJackpot include:

  • Multiple Jackpot Pools: operators can configure the number of jackpot pools to suit their needs.
  • Customisable Contribution and Payouts: Adjust contribution percentages and payout probabilities to fit market demands.
  • Graphics and Game Integration: Tailor the look and feel of the jackpot and choose eligible games from one or multiple providers.
  • Real-Time Updates: Players see real-time prize pool amounts and drops.
  • Random and Fair Wins: Powered by a reliable RNG system, ensuring fairness and randomness.

The Vision Mega Jackpot is an ideal solution for Vision Link partners to offer tools for enhanced player acquisition, retention and reactivation. By integrating jackpots, operators can create a more dynamic and sticky gaming environment, encouraging players to return for the exciting chance to win big.

“The Vision Mega jackpot represents our commitment to innovation and our dedication to empowering our partners with a tool kit to go out and offer the best gaming experience to players worldwide”, said Thomas Nimstad, CEO of Reelsoft. “We are confident that this new feature will be a great addition to the tools operators already are working with and provide our Vision Link partners with a significant competitive edge.”

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