Optimove Insights Releases Euro 2024 Wagering Intentions Report, Provides Essential Guidance for Sports Betting Sites

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Report offers in-depth analysis of European bettors’ wagering intentions and communication preferences, providing valuable insights to help sports betting sites optimize their offerings

Optimove Insights, the analytical and research arm of Optimove, today announced the release of its comprehensive report, “Optimove Insights: Wagering Intentions for Euro 2024.” This report provides an in-depth analysis of European bettors’ wagering intentions and communication preferences, offering valuable insights to guide sports betting sites in optimizing their offerings, enhancing player experiences, and fostering player loyalty while promoting responsible gambling practices. Optimove is the first Customer-Led Marketing Platform and the #1 CRM Marketing Solution used by iGaming operators.

Key Highlights from the Report:

  • High Engagement Levels: The report reveals significant engagement among bettors, with 58% placing bets on one or more games weekly and 29% betting several times per week. Additionally, 76% of participants bet at least once a month, indicating consistent interaction with sports betting platforms.
  • Diverse Betting Preferences: Over/under bets are the most popular, favored by 46% of respondents, followed by prop bets at 39% and parlays at 35%. Bettors also show varied interest across different game types, with 46% betting on National Cup Games, 48% on national team tournaments or friendlies, 54% on national league season games, and 57% on Champions League or European tournaments.
  • Respondents will bet on Euro football whether or not their team is in the hunt. Eighty-four percent (84%) will still bet on games without their national team.
  • Future Betting Intentions: Looking ahead, 81% of respondents indicated a strong intention to continue betting, with over/under bets remaining the top choice at 41%, closely followed by moneyline bets at 40% and prop bets at 19%.
  • Real-Time Interaction: A notable 83% of bettors engaged in live betting during games, highlighting the opportunity for betting platforms to interact with users in real-time and enhance their overall experience through timely updates and in-game betting options.
  • Influence Factors: The top factors influencing betting decisions were player performance (52%), betting promotions (47%), and expert analysis or predictions (47%). This indicates that both intrinsic factors, like player stats, and extrinsic incentives, such as promotions, play crucial roles in decision-making.
  • Marketing Fatigue: Marketing fatigue has been a persistent issue for general consumers, it is much less of an issue with Euro 2024 bettors. However, Euro respondents said the number one reason they stop using a site/app is too many or irrelevant marketing messages.

Recommendations for Sports Gaming Sites: The report emphasizes the critical role of a strong data foundation and clean testing frameworks to fully extract the value of AI in marketing. Key strategies include integrating a Customer Data Platform (CDP) with a Multichannel Marketing Hub (MMH), which can significantly enhance the effectiveness of marketing efforts by delivering real-time, relevant, and timely messages to players. Best practices to optimize player marketing include:

  • Comprehensive player insights through CDP-MMH integration.
  • Automated personalization of game recommendations and bet types.
  • Real-time event triggers enhance engagement.
  • Consistent cross-channel messaging.
  • Segmented targeting based on betting history and preferences.
  • Behavior-based automation workflows.
  • Personalized promotions and optimal message delivery timing.
  • A/B testing and continuous optimization.
  • Integration of responsible gambling resources.
  • Transparent communication and ease of use across platforms.
  • Identification of high-value players and potential addiction risks.

According to Pini Yakuel, CEO of Optimove, “The results of this report provide a clear guide for sportsbook operators to deepen player loyalty and optimize customer lifetime value. Euro 2024 is an incredible opportunity for operators to build even deeper relationships with both current and new players.”


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