This summit has carved out a niche as a crucial gathering for industry leaders, offering a window into the future of gaming and tech in the Baltic region and beyond.

Top 10 Sessions You Can’t Miss at MARE BALTICUM Gaming & TECH Summit 2024 (Tallinn, Estonia, 4-5 June)


As the MARE BALTICUM Gaming & TECH Summit 2024 approaches, set to take place in Tallinn, Estonia on June 4-5, attendees are gearing up for an event packed with insightful discussions and transformative networking opportunities. This summit has carved out a niche as a crucial gathering for industry leaders, offering a window into the future of igaming and tech in the Baltic region and beyond. Here’s your guide to the top 10 sessions you shouldn’t miss:

1. Regulatory Evolution in iGaming: Adapting to the Baltic Standards
Dive into the complexities of iGaming regulations in the Baltics with insights from Kaido Ulejev of Betsson Group, Henrik Mägi from the Estonian Ministry of Finance, and others. This panel offers perspectives from both operators and regulators, providing a 360-degree view on adapting to local standards.

2. Global Stakes: Navigating iGaming Regulation in Serbia, the USA, Spain, and Austria
Explore the varied regulatory landscapes of these diverse markets with experts like Dr. Arthur Stadler and William J. Pascrell, III, who will shed light on the unique challenges and opportunities in their respective regions.

3. Financial Evolution: Merging Traditions with Fintech and Blockchain Innovations
This session will address how traditional financial systems are being transformed by groundbreaking fintech and blockchain technologies, revolutionizing everything from payments to player verification processes.

4. IMGL Masterclass – Navigating MiCA, EU AI Act, and DSA in the Digital Age
An in-depth masterclass discussing the impact of significant EU regulations like the Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (MiCA), the AI Act, and the Digital Services Act (DSA) on the igaming and tech industries.

5. Regulatory Evolution in iGaming: Adapting to the Nordic Standards
Similar to its Baltic counterpart, this panel focuses on the Nordic countries, offering insights into their unique regulatory frameworks and how companies can successfully navigate them.

6. eSports Dynamics: Overcoming Regional Barriers & Seizing Growth
Unpack the potential of the eSports sector as it expands globally, breaking down regional barriers and leveraging growth opportunities in untapped markets.

7. Future-Proofing Digital Engagement: Mastering Gamification, Mobile Innovation, and Regulatory Compliance in the AI Era
Learn how to integrate the latest digital innovations effectively while complying with evolving regulatory standards—a key to staying ahead in the competitive market.

8. Make search engine bots love your affiliate website!
A practical session on optimizing affiliate websites for better search engine visibility, crucial for driving traffic and increasing engagement.

9. The Baltic States’ Integration of Blockchain and Web3 Across Industries
Discover how the Baltic states are leading the way in adopting blockchain and Web3 technologies across various industries, not just igaming and tech.

10. Gaming & TECH Marketing: PeopleTech Synergies between Affiliation, PR, SEO, and Neuromarketing
This session explores the convergence of different marketing domains, providing a holistic approach to promoting igaming and tech ventures effectively.

Special Workshop: Navigating New Frontiers: Baltic Compliance in Web3, Fintech, and Blockchain
Hosted by notable experts including Anna Agu, this workshop will delve into the regulatory frameworks shaping the future of Web3, fintech, and blockchain in the Baltic region.

With such a packed agenda, the MARE BALTICUM Gaming & TECH Summit 2024 promises to be an enriching experience that will equip attendees with the knowledge and strategies needed to navigate the complexities of the igaming and tech industries.

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Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of these crucial conversations in one of the industry’s most insightful gatherings in the beautiful city of Tallinn!

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