VCS announces suspension of 32 players/coaches, all 8 teams are not “integrity”?

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The latest announcement from the VCS Organizing Committee after a period of investigation made the Vietnamese League of Legends fan community stir because there were too many names appearing.

The VCS Organizing Committee has just officially decided to suspend competition activities, directing a total of 32 players, coaches, and managers of 8 teams participating in VCS Spring 2024.

It is known that, after a period of reviewing and identifying unusual data arising in matches that have taken place and recorded in the game League of Legends, the organizers have made the above decision and continue to compare the previous data. there.

“During the suspension of competition and competition direction, these individuals will not be able to participate in any Riot Games eSports activities, including official tournaments or organized by third parties. . During compliance checks, we will allow team members (including individuals not mentioned above) to add information or respond to the Organizing Committee’s decision.” VCS announced.

The detailed list of suspended members includes:

Rainbow Warriors

  1. Nguyen Ky Vuong / Raze
  2. Nguyen Hoang Nghia / HinieeeC
  3. Nguyen Trung Hieu / Hyo
  4. Nguyen Anh Kiet / Yuki
  5. Nguyen Phan Dinh Khoi / Spot
  6. Nguyen Van Hau / Artifact
  7. Vu Quoc Hung / K1ller
  8. Nguyen Trong Tri / 2T

GAM Esports

  1. Do Dinh Sang / Blazes
  2. Le Viet Huy / Pyshiro

Team Flash

  1. Le Minh Dung / Dzung
  2. Dinh Bui Quoc Cuong / Marcus
  3. Le Ngoc Toan / Draktharr
  4. Nguyen Hoang Khanh / Jane
  5. Luong Thanh Tai / Puddin

Team Secret

  1. Hoang Cong Nghia / Eddie
  2. Quach Khanh Hoang / Qiang

Vikings Esports

  1. Luong Hai Long / Gury
  2. Nguyen Vu Khang Nguyen / Bunn
  3. Vo Van Phi / Kairi
  4. Ngo Duc Khanh / Kratos

Cerberus Esports

  1. Nguyen Dang Khoa / Pun
  2. Tran Bao Quang / Ikigai
  3. Nguyen Hoang Phu / Richard I
  4. Nguyen Huy Hung / Slowz

MGN Blue Esports

  1. Nguyen Minh Hao / Sorn
  2. Bui Van Minh Hai / Froggy
  3. Vo Hoang Le Khang / Ryuk
  4. Dao Van Tuan / Rigel
  5. Tieu Guoliang / Zodiac

Team Whales

  1. Tran Van Chinh / BeanJ
  2. Le Ngoc Vinh / Gloryy

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