Meridianbet Group Strengthens the ESG Reporting Segment

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Meridianbet Group, one of Europe’s oldest names in the online sports betting and gaming industry, has announced a strategic initiative to improve its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting capabilities. This move highlights the Group’s strong commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility, fitting well with its growth strategy and ongoing social impact.


Advanced Integration and Comprehensive Monitoring

Meridianbet is enhancing its ESG efforts with new solutions designed for smooth integration into its current operations. This integration will support detailed monitoring and reporting across essential environmental areas, including energy consumption, management of waste, emissions, and the use of renewable energy sources. Increased data analyses will also deliver more in-depth coverage of societal impact, both internally and externally. This comprehensive approach ensures thorough coverage of sustainability issues, advancing Meridianbet’s commitment to transparency and responsible business practices.


Accountability in Line With Sustainability

By adopting an advanced ESG reporting framework, Meridianbet is focusing on 100% transparency across every facet of its business, with specific attention to regulatory and investor interests. The objectives are meticulously defined: to remove the need for manual data entry, employ cutting-edge data analytics, and utilize detailed visualization tools. These measures aim to streamline operations significantly and provide all stakeholders with a comprehensive view of Meridianbet’s dedication to sustainability and responsible business practices.


Building on the Foundation of a Rich CSR Agenda

Meridianbet’s latest initiative builds on its strong foundation in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and ESG principles. The Group has a rich history of engaging in CSR activities, from promoting environmental sustainability to enhancing public health, raising awareness on key issues, supporting charitable causes, and backing grassroots sports. In 2023 alone, the Group launched 225 CSR campaigns worldwide.

These efforts reflect Meridianbet’s resolve to contribute positively to society. The move to enhance ESG reporting marks a new phase in this journey, affirming the Group’s dedication to leading with actions that emphasize diversity, inclusion, and a sustainable future.


About Meridianbet Group

Established in 2001, Meridianbet Group, soon to be a part of the Golden Matrix Group Inc. (NASDAQ:GMGI) portfolio, subject to the closure of the Sale and Purchase Agreement, stands as a leading online sports betting and gaming group. With licenses in over 15 jurisdictions across Europe, Africa, and South America. The Group employs proprietary technology and scalable systems for multi-country and multi-currency operations.

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