Exploring the Future of Gambling and Tech at the Prague Gaming & TECH Summit: A Look into the Compliance & Operations Hub

The Prague Gaming & TECH Summit (26-27 March) stands as a pivotal gathering for the brightest minds and leading figures in the gambling and technology sectors, offering a unique platform for networking, innovation, and exploration of industry frontiers. This year, the summit introduces two engaging segments: the Compliance & Operations Hub and the TECH Trends, Innovation & Marketing Mastery Hub. The former unfolds over two days with a focus on the intricacies of regulatory compliance and operational strategies, while the latter compresses insights into the latest trends and innovations into a singular, impactful day. Together, these segments promise to equip participants with a deep understanding of the current and future dynamics of the gaming and tech industries. You can view the full agenda here: https://hipther.com/events/prague/agenda/ 

Compliance & Operations Hub: Mastering the Evolving Gaming Landscape

Set for the 26th and 27th of March in the combined conference rooms of OPAL and TOPAZ, the Compliance & Operations Hub is curated to tackle the vital issues and opportunities surrounding regulatory compliance and operational efficiencies. This hub is indispensable for professionals aiming to navigate the complex regulatory environment and operational challenges prevalent in today’s gaming industry.

Day 1 (26 March) commences with a lineup of discussions aimed at shedding light on various aspects of the gambling industry, with an initial spotlight on the Czech Republic’s market. A standout presentation by Artur Ashyrov, CTO of GR8 Tech, will delve into engineering excellence, highlighting the technological innovations driving the industry forward.

Following the engineering insights, the Compliance & Operations Hub further explores the necessity of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) integration in “Advancing Sustainable Tech: The Imperative of ESG Integration in Contemporary Development.” This session underscores the critical role of sustainable technology in the gaming industry’s future, advocating for practices that align with global sustainability goals.

Updates on the latest developments in gaming and technology from the Nordic countries will provide attendees with a comprehensive view of this innovative region’s contributions to the global market. A “Fireside Chat with Planzer Law” promises to offer invaluable legal insights, navigating the complex landscape of gaming regulation with expertise.

Further enriching the day’s discourse, “Decoding the Details: Licensing vs. Certification in Professional Pathways” explores the nuances between these two critical aspects of professional development and credibility in the gaming industry. An IMGL Masterclass titled “Safeguarding the Digital Arena” takes a holistic approach to addressing mental health, data privacy, and cybersecurity, reflecting the industry’s growing emphasis on creating a safe digital environment for both consumers and professionals.

Highlighting specific regional markets, the “Gambling Industry Spotlight: D-A-CH” session focuses on the German-speaking countries of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, offering insights into their unique gaming landscapes. The day concludes with a forward-looking session on “The Future of Fair Play: Innovating Responsible Gambling Practices,” which aims to discuss the latest strategies in promoting responsible gambling and safeguarding players.

Day 2 (27 March) shifts the narrative towards the future of the industry, starting with “Navigating the Future: Integrating iGaming, AI, Fintech, and Advertising with Compliance and Data Privacy.” This session aims to outline the roadmap for seamlessly blending technological advancements with strict compliance and privacy standards.

The Balkan region’s unique position is examined in “Compliance Challenges and Opportunities in the Balkan Gambling Industry,” providing a deep dive into the specific regulatory and operational hurdles and opportunities in this vibrant market. “Strategic Horizons: The Future of Gambling in Central & Eastern Europe” looks beyond current trends to forecast the evolution of gambling in these key regions.

In the realm of security, “Cyber Resilience: Best Practices in a Digital World” offers guidance on maintaining integrity and trust in an increasingly digitalized industry, while a keynote on “AI Facial Recognition in Casinos” showcases cutting-edge technology aimed at enhancing security and customer experience.

Explorations into “Frontier Markets: Exploring Gambling Evolution in CEE’s Growth Economies” and “iGaming Mastery: Innovative Strategies in Marketing, PR, and Retention” provide strategic insights into emerging markets and advanced marketing techniques. “Capital Navigation: Expert Strategies for Securing Investment” is designed to guide startups and established businesses in securing the financial backing necessary for growth and innovation.

The segment rounds off with “Leveling Up: The Rise of Esports in Europe and Its Global Impact,” a session that captures the explosive growth of esports and its transformative effect on the European and global gaming landscapes.

The Compliance & Operations Hub, alongside the TECH Trends, Innovation & Marketing Mastery Hub, encapsulates the Prague Gaming & TECH Summit’s commitment to advancing the gaming and technology sectors, providing attendees with a rich, diversified learning and networking experience that spans the most pressing issues and emerging trends of today’s digital era.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be at the forefront of the gaming and technology revolution. Join us at the Prague Gaming & TECH Summit, where the future of the industry unfolds through the insightful Compliance & Operations Hub and the TECH Trends, Innovation & Marketing Mastery Hub. Whether you’re seeking to deepen your understanding of regulatory compliance, explore the latest in tech innovations, or connect with leading professionals and pioneers, this summit promises to be an invaluable experience.

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