Decoding Success in the iGaming: A Conversation with Victor Sekushenko, Head of Sales at SOFTSWISS Sportsbook

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SOFTSWISS has been a prominent player in the iGaming industry. Based on your experience, what are the top three success strategies that betting operators should adopt to thrive in today’s competitive market?

First of all, sportsbooks should extend their offerings beyond football. We highly recommend operators explore low-season sports and those traditionally underestimated by the industry, such as basketball and Australian football. SOFTSWISS supports its partners by delivering informed recommendations and comprehensive reports on diverse sports events. The strategic diversification of bets across various sports and events serves to mitigate risks effectively.

The second recommendation centres on increasing betting volume by prioritising live and imminent events, given their tendency to attract higher stakes. Notably, in Q3’23, live bets surpassed pre-match bets by almost two-fold. Consequently, it is imperative for operators to provide a user-friendly platform with live broadcasting capabilities to facilitate a seamless betting experience. Additionally, promoting the placement of parlay or combo bets emerges as an additional strategy to enhance revenue, given their inherently higher profit margins.

Player engagement is another key to igaming success. Surely, you’ve heard this many times. But it is. Otherwise, it wouldn’t get so much attention. Recognising this, SOFTSWISS provides a diverse array of engagement tools, encompassing exclusive bonuses and jackpots. At the same time, we advise operators to meticulously evaluate the value of bonuses, ensuring they reward players judiciously without excess. Finding the right balance between bonuses and odds is critical, and we help our partners with that.


With the rapid evolution of technology in the betting industry, how does SOFTSWISS leverage technological advancements to aid betting operators in achieving success? Can you share a specific example or case study?

The most buzzing technology for the last year is artificial intelligence (AI). I believe that using such a powerful tool is a revolutionary shift in an operator’s approach. We have a dedicated team working with AI. Currently, we utilise AI-based tools to personalise content within the SOFTSWISS Sportsbook. This involves tailoring event displays according to individual player preferences, gathering real-time data on player activity, and implementing various advanced functionalities. Our system is designed to discern and present the most attractive options for players, enhancing their overall gaming experience.

All these tools help operators engage players more and influence metrics like the number of bets or the average bet. When a player is presented with a match involving their favourite team, the likelihood of them placing a bet significantly increases. This contrasts with the scenario where they have to navigate through the feed to find something of interest, highlighting the significance of personalised and easily accessible content in driving user engagement and betting activity.    


Regulations play a crucial role in the betting industry, especially in Europe. How does SOFTSWISS assist betting operators in navigating the complex regulatory landscape, and what strategies do you recommend for staying ahead of regulatory changes?

Our commitment is to simplify the operator’s journey from a legal perspective. One of the most challenging things is licensing. We strive to offer the highest quality product that adheres to international standards. It’s not just words. Recently, we received GLI-33 certification for Event Wagering Systems, which marks a huge advancement for us in securing country licences. This certification reflects the substantial effort we’ve invested in meeting standards, encompassing a significant portion of local software requirements worldwide.

Also, we carefully monitor gambling regulation news and share our expertise with current and potential partners. SOFTSWISS experts have experience in the licensing process for a number of countries, so we work closely with every partner to provide optimal support on the legal aspects of their business. Our flexibility and customer-centric approach enable us to tailor solutions that benefit all parties involved.

In response to your second question, a key strategy involves selecting an experienced partner with high-quality software. This decision significantly streamlines the operator’s journey into the legal aspects of the business, providing a foundation for a smoother and more successful operational landscape.


Engaging and retaining customers is vital for any betting operator. What innovative strategies or tools does SOFTSWISS offer to help operators enhance customer engagement and loyalty?

Within the SOFTSWISS Sportsbook, we feature a range of unique bonuses that stand out in the industry. These bonuses, including the Hunting and Lootbox Bonus, Hunting Tournaments, and Freebet Booster, are pivotal in significantly enhancing player engagement.

As I said earlier, operators often struggle to determine the right amount of bonuses to offer players without overdoing it. Tailoring bonuses to match individual betting activity is crucial, creating an incentive structure that resonates with players and encourages sustained engagement.

Our Hunting System is an excellent example of how to achieve this balance. It operates automatically, guaranteeing that players who bet larger amounts receive proportionally sized free bets while those with smaller bets receive more modest bonuses. This approach prevents scenarios where players making, for instance, two or three thousand euros in bets receive bonuses that may not align with their preferences. Conversely, the system also caters to smaller bets, avoiding the presentation of bonuses that might be disproportionate for such betting amounts.

In addition to tools, SOFTSWISS provides engaging systems like the SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator. It offers a variety of different jackpot types designed to capture the interest of diverse players. For example, the recently launched Prime Jackpot is a new type of progressive jackpot. Its uniqueness lies in its connection to a broad network of multiple online casino brands. Through Prime Jackpot, iGaming brands wishing to participate in a network jackpot campaign contribute a proportionate amount based on their overall betting volume. Once a jackpot is won, the reward is disbursed from this shared pool which continues to grow progressively through player bets. This gamification strategy enhances player interest and entices former players to return to the platform.


As you prepare for SiGMA Europe this November, what are SOFTSWISS’ main objectives for the event? Are there any specific success stories or strategies you’re eager to share with attendees?

SiGMA Europe presents a valuable opportunity to forge connections with both existing and potential partners within the industry.

Our presence at the exhibition comes with a fresh concept celebrating the tenacity and resilience of iGaming businesses. Inspired by the diverse Maltese wildlife, our theme focuses on the resolute grip of local crabs and lobsters in their natural habitats. 

Just as these creatures tenaciously cling to rocks and reefs, SOFTSWISS is committed to assisting our partners in achieving their goals, even in the face of challenges. Our comprehensive suite of solutions provides the foundation for success in the ever-evolving iGaming landscape.

I am confident that our presence at SiGMA Europe will be valuable for industry professionals. Using this opportunity, I invite you to visit our stand 2129 to meet in person.

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