Banksy ‘Girl with Balloon’ Sold to Fund New Purpose-Driven Gaming World, VistaVenus

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In an unprecedented move that bridges the worlds of art and gaming, VistaVenus, the highly anticipated open-world multiplayer mobile game, has secured significant funding through the sale of the United Kingdom’s number-one favourite artwork, ‘Girl with Balloon’ by the enigmatic and elusive Banksy.

“When I purchased ‘Girl with Balloon’ for £150 back in 2012, I was drawn to its profound message of hope,” the founder and Creative Director for VistaVenus, Mark Wools, said. “As much as I deeply cherished the painting, the opportunity to contribute its value to something as innovative, purpose-driven and meaningful as VistaVenus felt right. Selling it for £425,000 – a record-breaking amount for its signed edition at time of sale – to fund a game that promotes inclusivity, creativity, discovery, balance and positive progression, is a decision that aligns with my values and I believe Banksy’s too. Art has the power to inspire and transform and I’m excited to see how VistaVenus will touch the lives of young players around the world.”

The sale of ‘Girl with Balloon’ not only solidifies VistaVenus’s financial footing but also complements the entire company and brand ethos. The funds will be channeled into furthering the game’s development, enhancing its immersive experience and expanding its inclusive community. The artwork, known for its powerful message of hope and love, mirrors the game’s ambitions to create a safe and community-driven environment that celebrates differences and promotes both personal and team growth.

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