Fantasma and Casinolytics Launch Mystic Spells

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Fantasma Games is excited to announce the launch of the Mystic Spells slot game, a unique collaboration between Fantasma Games and Casinolytics, the leading AI-driven live-streaming data science company in iGaming.

Mystic Spells is a game unlike anything else on the market, combining advanced AI analytics and player behaviour research based on the growing live streaming market. Resulting in a game that aims to deliver the best possible entertainment experience for players and a perfect fit for the highly engaging streaming community.

The mechanics and features players encounter in Mystic Spells have been carefully curated with the help of data analysis based on billions of classified minutes of live streaming content generated by Casinolytics AI. Combined with a player behaviour analysis based on more than 10,000 hours of watched live streaming slots content. This detailed analysis and unique data has been used to design  innovative mechanics and features and put them all into one thrilling package.

Casinolytics  expertise in the live streaming market, streamers behaviours and their audiences has provided Fantasma with a unique insight into the way audiences love to play and the types of streaming content they enjoy. The focus on streaming will also help maximise the game’s exposure and longevity, ensuring long-term returns for operators.

Players will be captivated by the unique world and stunning design of Mystic Spells, with the slot boasting two innovative bonuses and Mysticspins, as well as a highly volatile maths model.

Fantasma’s CEO Fredrik Johansson, “We are delighted to launch Mystic Spells alongside Casinolytics. The combination of our creative approach to game development and the detailed insights and knowledge about the live streaming market provided by the Casinolytics team has allowed us to create a game that could be suitable for the market right now.”

“Streaming is essential to the modern online slot experience, and with Mystic Spells, we’ve created the perfect game for this environment. The detailed data and knowledge provided by Casinolytics has given us a unique insight into how streamers like to play, allowing us to create a game that streaming audiences will love.”

It has been a wonderfully unique project to be a part of, and we can not wait to see how players react to the game.”

Johan Sandén, Co-founder, Casinolytics said, “The foundation of Mystic Spells is based on data analysis that is generated by our AI that identifies popularity of mechanics and features by classifying billions of minutes created using features and mechanics that is loved by streamers.”

Sebastian Khalighy, Co-founder, Casinolytics also commented, “Streamers play a huge role in making it possible to stand out in today’s iGaming market, but also offer a perfect opportunity to deep-dive into player behaviours and feelings. Mystic Spells is created using data from streamers and deep qualitative analysis to create a product that is designed with features to appeal to streamers, and a broad level of modern players’”.

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