YouTube Reportedly Testing Online Gaming

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YouTube is testing online gaming services with a tool called Playables, aiming to expand its platform and offer a gaming experience.

YouTube aims to offer a gaming experience on its platform for the first time, according to a recent report. The report reveals that the company is testing online gaming services, allowing users to test certain games through a tool called Playables. Currently in the development stage, the tool is said to support the arcade game Stack Bounce.

The exact workings of the Playables feature within YouTube are not yet clear. However, according to the report, small-scale productions will be initially offered. Test users will be able to access these games through the YouTube website or app.

In the initial phase, it appears that small-scale arcade games will be offered. However, as the process progresses, demos of popular titles may become playable on YouTube. There are even rumours suggesting that, through cloud support, it may be possible to test high-budget games as well.

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