El Habanero by R. Franco arrives, the new 2023 Hit from MGA Games
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The strategic alliance between MGA Games and R. Franco continues with the launch of El Habanero, the Mexican-themed 3-reel wrestling slot game. This is the seventh Recreativos Franco’s land-based games to be included in the MGA Games online catalogue, and from May 29th, it will be available to all online casino operators in the Spanish market.

El Habanero is an emblematic product whose land-based machine game is still on the market found in restaurants. Now MGA Games has brought the game online, maintaining all the virtues that make it such a classic: fun, music, and prizes.

This new release forms part of the “Hits 2023 by MGA Games”, a timeless collection of slot games that, like hits, are popular, successful, and endure over time.

This sport and adventurous game is technologically perfect and comes with ultra-fast loading, themed symbols, and improved math. A slot game programmed with HTML5 technology with a Triple View and responsive design makes it compatible with all digital formats, especially for mobile devices, players preferred gaming platforms.

In addition, a great new feature with respect to the original game, El Habanero, includes 8 original mini-games where players can train hard, fight against opponents and enjoy Mexican culture and gastronomy, among many other things.

Finally, El Habanero includes a lower game, and an upper game with themed symbols, accessed by accumulating bonuses and credits. Wrestlers’ masks, the ropes of the wrestling ring, and a Mexican backdrop set the scene together with characteristic sounds which perfectly imitate those of R. Franco’s land-based machine.