Areto Net launches, a Natural Language-Powered Gaming BI

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Areto Net Limited is launching a first-of-its-kind Gaming BI platform. Operating under, the newly launched product offers a number of benefits to both operators and B2B platforms.  The Gaming BI platform allows operators and B2B platforms to leverage existing data ecosystem, covering several key areas of operations, including initial acquisition sources, registration and key event touchpoints, product trends, player behaviour, game and financial data and KPIs.

Both B2B and B2C partners can take advantage of a dedicated setup and either leverage existing data ecosystem, which comes with 140+ pre-set gaming specific reports as well as custom reports generated through natural language and a gambling lexicon comprising of over 2,000 industry phrases, or use the platform to sit on top of an existing data ecosystem while retaining all the same functionality.
The system is multi-faceted, providing an overview of core business KPIs, reviews of customer lifecycle stages and deep dives into customer behaviour, all made simple through intuitive UI, putting the power at the user’s fingertips.

Using natural language, the platform offers the ability to create dashboards, answer questions related to any data, custom reports and the creation of segments, while providing unparalleled access to data and insights without the involvement of technical or data teams. For the more technology-savvy user, a traditional structured query language is also available to explore data or alter existing reports and queries.
Users can power up their existing CRM, PAM, or any third-party system by pushing data insights and any changes to the segment as they are detected.

Justin G Farrugia, CEO,  Areto Net Limited said: “We’re delighted to bring, our standalone NL-powered Gaming BI platform to market, giving our partners the chance to effortlessly access their data and uncover insights to make efficient and accurate decisions. Creating such reports can take days or even weeks, which prolongs decision-making and turns what should be a proactive, real-time decision into a reactive decision. “This will bring a huge boost to the analysis and optimisation of several core aspects of an organisation, while minimising the operational burden on the existing business. We are excited to give operators the opportunity to understand so much more about their data in such a simple manner. This will be an extremely useful tool that will improve performance in a number of areas, and we look forward to putting it to work with our partners.”

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