More figures for the Danish gambling market every month

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From now on, the quarterly statistics and the monthly key figures will be replaced by monthly statistics, where the same figures known from the quarterly statistics will be published monthly. The monthly statistics for January 2023 are now available.

The Danish Gambling Authority has previously published statistics on the Danish gambling market every quarter and in addition published selected key figures for the gambling market on a monthly basis.

We are now launching monthly statistics, which means that the figures will be available even faster on than previously.

In the monthly statistics, you will find figures describing the Danish gambling market, the Danish Gambling Authority’s self-exclusion register (ROFUS) and our helpline for compulsive gambling StopSpillet.

Another novelty is that you can see how much Danes play via mobile phone and computer or how much is played online and in kiosks and arcades.

The gambling market January 2023
Our first monthly statistics are from January 2023, when the total gross gaming revenue (GGR) for betting, online casino, gaming machines and land-based casino was 595 million. This is an increase of DKK 82 million. DKK, corresponding to 15.9 per cent, compared to January 2022.

The overall increase in January 2023 for the four gambling areas is driven by the development in GGR for gaming machines and land-based casino, which increase respectively by 81 and 27 million DKK compared to January 2022. The increase for the two areas is due to arcades and land-based casinos being closed in January 2022 due to covid-19 restrictions, which they were not in January 2023.

The GGR for betting and online casino fell by 19 and 7 million DKK respectively in January 2023 compared to January 2022. This corresponds to 8.3 per cent respectively. and 2.7 per cent

In this edition of the statistics, data for monopoly lotteries in 2022 has been added, which means that the total gambling market in 2022 has now been calculated. In 2022, the GGR for the total Danish gaming market amounted to DKK 10.1 billion. In fixed prices, this is a drop of almost DKK 300 million. DKK, corresponding to 2.8 per cent, compared to 2021.

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