LOTTO24 publishes Winners’ Report 2022

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  • More than 316 million euros in winnings paid out
  • Over one million winners
  • Most winners on Eurojackpot
  • Most successful lottery club makes 15 players millionaires

Every day, millions of people dream of winning the lottery. LOTTO24 today announces for how many players this dream came true in 2022. Last year, the online market leader paid out a record winning amount of EUR 316,961,160 to a total of almost 1.2 million winners. Most of the winners came from North Rhine-Westphalia, Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg.

Eurojackpot: Winners’ Factory

The Eurojackpot created the highest winnings last year: LOTTO24 players won a total of EUR 214,205,756 in this lottery. LOTTO 6aus49 is in second place with total winnings of EUR 74,201,830, while the additional lottery Spiel 77 is in third place with total winnings of EUR 11,219,463.

Lottery clubs: Winning more together

Among last year’s biggest winners were players of the LOTTO24 lottery clubs. In May 2022, a lottery club from North Rhine-Westphalia won over 110 million euros, not only making 15 people millionaires, but also having the biggest lottery win in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany up to that date. The players won 6.9 million euros per share – and one player with two shares even won double that amount.

“As the market leader for online lotteries, it is our job to make people dream,” says Helmut Becker, CEO of ZEAL, the holding company of LOTTO24 AG. “We are pleased and proud to have accompanied so many of our customers in fulfilling their dreams last year and keep our fingers crossed for all players in the new year.”

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