Premiere of “Canales Rivera La Feria de Abril” by MGA Games, the most localised slot game to exist on the Spanish market

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The well-known bullfighter and media personality from Cádiz, Canales Rivera, makes his debut as the protagonist in the new instalment from MGA Games. The famous bullfighter is the ‘host with the most’ in this unique and localised game for the Spanish market. His elegance and charm invite us to enter the festive and music-filled world of La Feria de Abril. A slot game with a very typical Spanish theme makes this a top product since there is nothing quite like it on the market to date.

With the addition of José Antonio Canales Rivera, known the bullfighting world as ‘Canales Rivera’, MGA Games expands its Spanish Celebrities catalogue, which already has 17 celebrities. The celebrity character makes regular appearances on TV and reality shows such as ‘Survivors’ and ‘Come, dine with me’ and belongs to the Riveras family, who have a long history and high profile in the media. Canales Rivera is the nephew of the famous bullfighter Francisco Rivera, ‘Paquirri’, the husband of Isabel Pantoja, who, back in the eighties, died tragically in the bullfighting arena.

“Canales Rivera La Feria de Abril” is a 3-reel slot game equipped with the latest technology that offers players a walk through the most famous fair in Andalusia in the company of a bullfighter. In this game, full of roses, Spanish tortillas, fans, horses, and flamenco dancers, Canales Rivera’s verve and festival-party experience will have him ordering “boquerones” tapas for everyone.

This premium production set in the festive setting of La Feria de Abril marks MGA Games’ arrival to popular festivals. Full of prizes and fun, the game boasts MGAs’ triple-view design adapted to mobile technology.

This lively game with original voiceovers from ‘Paquirri’s’ nephew, a regular in the tabloid press, brings true authenticity to the game. What’s more, the slot game’s audio by Quique Tejada’s production company recreates the sounds of the fair and the typical Sevillanas music.

In the main game in “Canales Rivera La Feria de Abril” players are accompanied by the famous bullfighter as they walk through the numerous Spanish tents “casetas”. It includes the lower game screen with the fair by day, and an upper game screen, accessed by accumulating bonuses and credits, where the sun has set, and it’s time to party!

The 3-reel slot game starring Canales Rivera also includes 6 mini-games. With certain symbols players can go on the Ferris wheel and spin the roulette wheel, choose horses to ride, eat some tapas with a prize, dance Sevillanas, and play to accumulate lanterns or bet to win on the mixed sevens.

«Canales Rivera La Feria de Abril» is both in Spanish and English with 3 reels and 9 lines, with advance and hold, wilds and vertical lines. The game is available starting this Monday, January 30st, for operators in the Spanish market.

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