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The browser for gamers boasts even deeper integration for users doing anything game-related online, whether that’s catching up with creators or connecting with community

Opera GX, the world’s first and only browser built specifically for gamers, has responded to user demand and integrated TikTok into its sidebar. This means that the browser’s growing fan base of more than 20 million monthly active gamers can now enjoy and engage with the entertainment platform right from the comfort of their big displays. The integration follows insights from TikTok that found that the majority of TikTok users watch gaming-related content every day.

Opera GX not only has features that leave more resources for gaming, it also now provides direct access to TikTok where gamers can go to discover, create and share the memes, moments, and movements that shape their culture today. From tutorials to high stakes moves as well as cosplay, the TikTok community is made up of diverse gaming users and content, creating a space for gamers to find and engage with each other. While gameplay and live moments are part of the experience, the gaming community uses TikTok as a place where they can connect through shared interest, humor, and behind the scenes moments. Accessing TikTok directly from within the browser means users can instantly take a break from blasting noobs or watching live streams to access the TikTok content that best reflects their particular communities and subcultures.

“Customization, especially when it comes to how you browse your favorite content, is a priority for us,” said Maciej Kocemba, Product Director, Opera GX. “This integration reflects that as a product, we are always listening to our community of fans.”

Opera GX and TikTok have previously teamed up for the #GamingForAll challenge that benefitted Able Gamers, a non-profit organization dedicated to using gaming to foster inclusive communities and improve the quality of life of gamers with disabilities. Headlined by the visually-impaired Street Fighter champion Sven van de Wege, aka Blind Warrior Sven, gamers were challenged to overcome their personal obstacles. The response to the campaign was overwhelmingly positive, with $25k raised for Able Gamers and over 282 million views of the #GamingForAll hashtag on TikTok.