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The French government has revealed details of its upcoming esports strategy to further engage the country in the esports ecosystem. Taking into account the words of Emmanuel Macron, President of France, last year, various structures have taken up the popularisation of esports to the masses in the run-up to the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

As a result, France is going to create a “national esports ecosystem” to regulate the industry, the details of which will be announced this summer. The new plan is reportedly aimed at making France more attractive to esports tournament organisers, game publishers and developers, as well as esports organisations and other companies. It will also aim to help players obtain esports visas and offer other benefits to the industry.

One of the key ideas is the creation of esports visas for players and talents working in esports. This will improve the ability of French esports teams to recruit international players and talent, and help France become more attractive to international esports companies.

The plans were announced during a press conference attended by esports personalities, the French Esports Association, and the sports minister and deputy minister of digital transition in Paris.

The French government is expected to work with esports organisations and publishers to realise its goals. Also during the 2024 Olympic Games, an “Olympic Esports Week” will be organised, the details of which were not disclosed. France Esports will take this idea forward and will also work with the government and esports figures.