UGC games platform YAHAHA powers up with $40m investment offering a host of new experiences to players

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YAHAHA, the community focussed user-generated content (UGC) games and entertainment platform, has announced it has secured a Series A+ investment of $40m to continue to grow its player experience. The funding will be used to improve the platform on every level, from content to events and competitions. With 100,000 users flocking to the platform since its Early Alpha launch in April, players can look forward to a host of new features, game modes, additional genres, and more, as the continuously evolving platform launches itself to new heights. Players can enjoy thousands of cross-platform high-definition games and social spaces that allow them to jump in anywhere and instantly interact in real-time for free, with no download required, seamlessly realizing their dreams in a digital reality.

A vocal champion of democratizing 3D game development, YAHAHA’s community of creators ranges from indie studios to students, to hobbyists and players. One of the core tenets of YAHAHA is that anyone can make 3D content, and its tools make it easy for anyone with a creative mindset to make quality cross-platform experiences for players to explore. YAHAHA makes creating a game or social space as easy as drag and drop, with extensive templates, toolkits and easy-to-use tutorials. This evolving stream of content gives players an array of unique and bespoke gaming experiences, created by a dedicated community of game lovers.

Dual-Headquartered in Finland and Shanghai, YAHAHA was founded in 2020 by an expert group of Unity veterans. YAHAHA’s thriving ecosystem invites players to take part in games and socialise with friends in real time, in worlds that have been crafted by its growing community of talented creators. There are infinite opportunities with YAHAHA – and with this new round of funding, players can expect more high-quality experiences in both the racing and shooting genres, which are being made possible for the very first time.

Chris Zhu, CEO at YAHAHA, said: “We’ve seen fantastic growth in YAHAHA throughout the Early Alpha stage, with over 100,000 people signing up. We are building on a strong foundation of talented creators, and bespoke, expertly crafted games, experiences and social worlds for players to enjoy.

“A litany of opportunities await us in the virtual world, and we want to be on the cutting edge of it with YAHAHA. To do this, it’s imperative we continue investing in our platform and in the community that got us to where we are right now. We are welcoming more players, and continuing to pioneer by investing in our platform and by building relationships with brands that share our values. Together, we will make YAHAHA the go-to platform for players to enjoy user-created multiplayer games and to socialize with friends in real time.”

Determined to fully support its community, YAHAHA hosts frequent in-platform events where creators can win real cash prizes. These events act as a way to mobilize the community to create experiences around specific criteria, which have seen great success in the platform’s Early Alpha stage. With this investment, YAHAHA hopes to take these events further, with game jams and Creator Houses to continue fostering a community of creators.

YAHAHA was founded by Chris Zhu (CEO), Pengfei Zhang (COO) and Hao Min (CTO) to give creators the tools to unleash their creative talents on a new digital frontier. This investment follows a previous Series A raise of $50 million, taking total funding secured by YAHAHA to almost $100 million in two years.

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