Parimatch Tech’s AWS case & more at SiGMA Malta

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On November 17, 2022, Parimatch Tech representatives will join the AWS panel at SiGMA Malta to talk about the company’s partnership with AWS and the benefits that this cooperation brought to Parimatch Tech and its clients. Here is a short in-depth sneak peek at key topics of the upcoming presentation, as well as an update on Parimatch Tech’s current operations.

A B2B transformation

Parimatch Tech is an international product company that develops the Parimatch brand and provides technology and marketing solutions for the entertainment industry worldwide. At the beginning of 2022, the company had been turning its primary focus to the B2B industry for quite some time, but the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February accelerated the process immensely. Among the things that enabled such a boost, was a strategic partnership between Parimatch Tech and AWS.

Parimatch Tech x AWS: partnership highlights

AWS cloud solutions gave Parimatch Tech an opportunity to use a hybrid infrastructure approach to host cloud and data centre infrastructure services. Thanks to this, over the year the company has developed several great features like a programmatic content recommendation engine and Environment by Click (EBC).

The basic principle of EBC is to provide the opportunity to create a separate environment with the most up-to-date versions of services opposite production in a few clicks. In a personal environment, you can add any feature, not affecting other teams and the development process in any way. With the following feature updates, you can update your environment to the required version without any problems and time losses to continue testing. EBC increases the quality of the product, reduces delivery time, and benefits the team’s cooperation, increasing uptime and decreasing the number of product issues,” explains Artur Ashyrov, Parimatch Tech CTO.

Artur will be one of the speakers at the November 17’s talk, giving a more in-depth view of technical details behind the innovations. Joining him, Dmytro Fedyukov—Deputy CTO, VP of Data, and the Head of B2B at Parimatch Tech—will unveil the business perspective, talking about all the ways that modern cloud solutions helped boost business development.

A glance into the future

Recently, Parimatch Tech obtained qualified industry certifications PCI DSS, GLI19, and GLI33 that allow the company to offer its products and services to operators in the fast-expanding markets. Among those products and services, there will be several quite exciting options:

  • a platform developed by Parimatch Tech, which is now one of the fastest growing in Eastern Europe;
  • Parimatch brand franchise that grants access to the brand’s top-notch platform, reputable name, and a formidable list of global partnerships;
  • BaaS, or Business as a Service, that combines all the advantages of the Parimatch Tech platform, industry expertise, and management excellence.

Expanding its B2B portfolio is one of Patimatch Tech’s key objectives for the near future. The company stresses that its B2B transformation journey is not over yet—even more so, it is currently in one of the most important stages. Parimatch Tech is expanding its presence on the global market, focusing on B2B product development and providing it to the partners across the world.

Join Parimatch Tech x AWS talk at SiGMA Malta to learn more information first-handedly from the company’s speakers!

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