5 rules to starting an online casino or sportsbook (anywhere in the world)

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If you’re looking to invest in a business sector that can outrun large-scale economic downturns, including a global pandemic, then look no further than online gambling. It’s a shining example of resilience in the face of strife – and that’s because gambling will never go out of style. This thought has occurred to many entrepreneurs, attested by the seemingly endless stream of new online casinos and sportsbooks.

But the internet is a very big place and there’s plenty of room for new ventures of all sizes. Getting started is the hard part, but turnkey platform providers like WiseGaming step in to help you avoid common mistakes that can result in unfortunate cash burnout. Here are five rules to keep in mind:

  1. Don’t try to do everything. This might seem like backwards advice but launching an online gambling business involves several moving parts that can become quite burdensome for a startup. Choose a solid online gaming platform provider, such as WiseGaming [https://wisegaming.com], who do all the hard stuff for you. This will allow you the time to focus on an extended business strategy, market analysis, finincial projections, and marketing plans.
  2. Partner with the best providers. Players look for games they recognize as this assures them that your site is a safe option. Using an aggregator will guarantee you make an impactful first impression with the best game library and sports markets from day one. WiseGaming [https://wisegaming.com] offers sportsbook software with over 100 sports, and has also teamed up with world famous providers like Pragmatic Play, Evolution Gaming and Play’n GO, allowing you to onboard a winning selection of over 10,000 games without the stress of multiple contracts.
  3. Pick a memorable brand and leverage it. A weak marketing plan is often a huge stumbling block for many fledgling brands. In a crowded and competitive space, you need to stand out with copy and design that appeals to your target demographic. Whether that’s something traditional or novel, choose your lane and commit across all your branding material. Your iGaming platform must be white-lable enabled, so you can make a first impression that generates sign ups and conversions.
  4. Get your finances right. You need a considerable amount of capital to get started, but your financial obligations don’t end there. Annual income projections, break-even worksheets, projected cash flow statements, and balance sheets – there’s a lot to keep your eye on both before and after launch. Smart financial planning allows you to benchmark your progress to success, which is why offloading platform responsibilities to a reliable provider can be crucial in those early days.
  5. Choose your license carefully. The law comes down hard on casinos and sportsbooks recently, and while safer gambling is a great thing, it can also result in nasty fines. If you’re new to the scene, it’s probably a smart move to stay out of heavily regulated jurisdictions. It’s faster and easier to launch with an iGaming platform on a Curaçao license, where you’re subject to less scrutiny and have access to several, diverse markets. WiseGaming software is compliant with the majority of regulated jurisdictions, giving you the freedom to decide.

WiseGaming isn’t your only option when it comes to choosing an online gaming platform provider, but they come with an unparalleled understanding of today’s gaming market and a wealth of hands-on experience. Check them out here and decide for yourself.

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