Halfwish Announces Beta Early Access Registration On PC

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Halfwish, a brand new PVP Roguelite card game has opened its early access beta testing registration on PC in Singapore. Halfwish announces the upcoming launch of its player versus player roguelite game which is set to be released by Q1 2023. The team ended its two-day open challenge with a $10,000 cash prize at the Mind Cafe in Singapore with approximately 100 players across both days. The paper tournament was organised as part of a series of card game activations at various locations in Singapore throughout this year to showcase the Halfwish gameplay.

Halfwish is a player-versus-player (PVP) roguelite game. In the roguelite genre, players start a fresh playthrough in each match and get progressively stronger as the game progresses. Halfwish players are tested on their ability to bluff, manage risk, and to think on their feet as they duel another player in a battle through a unique randomly generated adventure map card every round. On the PC (Client) version down the line, players will also be able to collect heroes to unlock new playstyles, hunt for loot to trade on the Halfwish marketplace, and to hoard resources to build up their private realm.

Halfwish game’s creator and founder, Lysander said, “There’s a running joke in card game circles about the term ‘Wizard Poker’, and that’s where we actually got the inspiration from. We kept the idea of a neutral card river that affects both players, but took away the gambling and replaced it with fantasy themes like magic, bards, and wandering monsters.”

The goal is to create a game accessible to both social and competitive players, a household game that is easy to pick up, yet allows room for skill expression to help the competitive players to stand out. The team hopes to be able to bridge these two sectors with an Esports scene that rewards both professional and casual players. Together with a story-centred universe, players will have plenty to look forward to every season.

For more information and registration for the early beta access, please visit PlayHalfwish and follow us on our socials for more information!

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