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tap4fun chooses Flexion to boost revenue for Kingdom Guard

Flexion Mobile Plc, the Android games distribution company today announces it has entered an agreement with tap4fun. Its new hit game Kingdom Guard will launch on the Amazon App Store and the Samsung Galaxy Store thanks to Flexion, the leader in game services for the alternative app stores. The game will launch in the 2nd quarter.

Kingdom Guard already generates around US$2 million in monthly revenues on Google Play according to Sensor Tower data from December 2021. Flexion’s distribution services will add revenue from the alternative app stores with little work and upfront costs being required of tap4fun. Flexion is currently averaging around 10% extra revenue for Android games it distributes.

“Alternative app store distribution is our core business so we understand them in depth. Our team has expertise, experience and technology no-one else can offer. We can’t wait to bring a new audience of paying players to Kingdom Guard”, says Jens Lauritzson CEO of Flexion Mobile PLC.

Kingdom Guard is free to play with in-app purchases. It is a tower defence and strategy game where players train their soldiers and defend their kingdom against invaders while aiming to take over the throne.