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Spintec has decided to withdraw from ICE London 2022. The show has been a staple in its operations for decades and Spintec had originally planned to participate, exhibit and promote the event with its partners.

This year, however, complicated circumstances prevent Spintec to participate to the best of their ability and potential. Not only is the volatile situation related to the ongoing pandemic preventing several of their partners to travel, recent withdrawals by the largest exhibitors are also bound to decrease the attraction for international visitors. Additionally, the effort to participate in the fair would be much increased this year due to more complicated Brexit-related import procedures, operational challenges due to the Easter holidays and the proximity of the Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention.

This creates a double bind that puts Spintec in an untenable position. Despite their commitment to the trade show and their long-standing partnership with the organisers of ICE, they have been compelled to withdraw their participation. Instead, they will focus their efforts on exhibiting in 2023, when the circumstances are bound to be more favourable both to the company and to their partners.