Netherlands: House of Representatives Wants a Ban on Untargeted Advertising Online Games of Chance

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A large majority of the House of Representatives wants a ban on untargeted advertising for online games of chance.

Outgoing minister Sander Dekker (VVD) was against the motion and indicated that it is too early for that. According to the petitioners, since the opening of the online gambling market on October 1, 2021, there has been a large increase in the number of hours people spend on online gambling sites. According to the members of parliament, consumers are bombarded in all kinds of media with a large amount of untargeted advertisements for remote games of chance.

The petitioners further argue that encouraging participation in games of chance was not the aim of legalising online games of chance, but is now in fact the result. According to the motion, this could lead to potentially major social consequences, such as financial problems and addiction problems. The large number of advertisements is disproportionate to the aim of the Remote Gambling Act, which is to realise channelisation into a legal offer.

In addition to the ban on untargeted gambling advertising, a motion has also been passed asking the government to look at personalised advertisements after visiting gambling websites, while considering a ban on personalised advertisements. The PvdA and the SP have considered that after visiting online gambling websites, people will receive online advertisements for quick credits and loans at sky-high interest rates.

Another motion asks the government to lay down in government regulations that the window times for advertising (currently after 9 p.m.) will also apply online. According to the motion submitted by the ChristenUnie, SP and CDA, the Advertising Code for Online Gaming does regulate window times for online advertising, but enforcement is cumbersome and always only after complaints.

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