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Wakayama Prefecture has announced that it will postpone scheduled resident briefing and public feedback sessions in 14 locations due to information supplied being deemed insufficient. The sessions were due to be held from November 25 to December 5.

At the special committee of the prefectural council held on November 19, an official representing Wakayama’s preferred IR partner Clairvest Neem Ventures Co Ltd, which is tasked with building and operating the facility, explained the involvement of Caesars Entertainment, recently named as the IR’s casino operator, and the group’s plans for a MICE facility.

Members of the council asked questions about financing and individuals to be involved in the operation but the prefecture and Clairvest said they could not give specific details at this time.

The committee subsequently came to the conclusion that there had been insufficient information supplied to residents and that the briefing sessions should be postponed. The prefecture acknowledged the opinion of the committee and announced a postponement of the briefings and public feedback. The next briefing is now scheduled to be held in February 2022.