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Indie game developer Chaosmonger Studio, creator of acclaimed point-and-click ENCODYA and of the just released metroidvania Clunky Hero, is proud to announce a new game under development, called Soul Tolerance, revealing today a brand new trailer and the evocative intro, as well as the Steam page.

Soul Tolerance is a sci-fi mystery set in the city of Sapporo 2214, an investigative RPG with turn-based combat, unique in its genre.
Explore a beautiful world in voxel art, populated solely by robots. Speak with a plethora of characters, hunt for clues, craft your own minions, and discover a secret that could upset the entire Earth. Disco Elysium meets Cloudpunk meets Divinity: Original Sin.

The game will be released simultaneously for PC (Win, Mac, Linux) and Consoles (Switch, PS, Xbox), with an initial release date planned for Q4 2022.

What the developer says:
Nicola Piovesan, CEO of Chaosmonger Studio, said: “We don’t like to sleep, here at Chaosmonger Studio! And we love so much making games that we simply can’t stop making new ones! Soul Tolerance is our new baby, a game like none before. It has some elements similar to ENCODYA, but a brand new gameplay and an aesthetic in voxel art which makes it very original. We definitely like challenges!”

In this Asimovian tale, discover a rich neon-noir city-scape through the eyes of a robot-detective as you investigate the inner workings of an A.I. dominated world. Speak with bots of levels of society, from lowly robo-cleaners to the bureaucracy of The Encrypted class and even techno-spiritual monks in your search for which intelligence dared commit the crime of consciousness and break the Soul Tolerance limit.