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Betfair vendor application to incorporate live racecourse data via TPD subscription service

Bet Angel has become the first major Betfair vendor application to integrate Total Performance Data’s (TPD) in-running data.

The exciting move comes after TPD, the industry leader for global in-play horse racing data, created a new subscription portal allowing punters to view low latency live race data on any platform with a TPD integration.

The portal, known as the TPD.Zone, has been welcomed by Bet Angel, whose customers are able to use their TPD race credits on the platform. 

The integrated data allows punters to make more informed and quicker decisions as it gives them access to key in-play data directly from the racecourse, including official real-time horse positioning, sectional times, race pace and stride length.

Bet Angel can act on this information through a variety of betting and trading interfaces, enhanced by the use of a keyboard or via compatible gaming devices for ultra-fast execution of trades. TPD data will also be available within Bet Angel’s fully automated features further enhancing the speed and accuracy of any betting or trading.

Bet Angel joins TPD’s in-running offering Bet Mover, which launched an upgraded in-play racing product over the summer. 

Will Duff Gordon, CEO of Total Performance Data, said: “By combining our market-leading in-play betting software with low latency pace and performance metrics, punters now get the fullest quiver of arrows with which to hit the in-play bullseye.

“Racing accounts for around a third of in-play betting on the Betfair exchange and we fully expect this figure to rise as fast live racing content becomes more widely available. As such, we are pleased with the pipeline of betting platforms, such as Bet Angel, currently working on accessing this content which is designed to give punters the widest possible creative vision from which to bet from.”

Peter Webb, founder at Bet Angel, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with TPD to bring high quality data straight from the racecourse to our customers. In a competitive market, the ability to receive and act on this data will be transformative to our users and open up new opportunities for them.”