Smartico Loyalty Wheel: A Game That Can Be A Game-changer for CRM

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CRM is sometimes a game of luck.

Seasoned customer relationship management (CRM) executives would understand this perfectly.

Sometimes you initiate a well-planned and creative-stacked campaign only to find less-than-desired results. Sometimes, you create a quickfire, spur-of-the-hour campaign with available resources to find surprisingly great results.

The intangible reason for such customer behavior is often attributed to luck. That’s why CRM can sometimes become a game of luck.

But gamification could help you win it.


Well, the answer is stuff of a doctoral thesis.

For the time being, take Smartico’s newly launched product called Loyalty Wheel as an example. Let’s see how it can potentially be a game-changer for CRM.

Loyalty Wheel

It is a simple game that allows users to roll a roulette-type wheel and generates an array of random results. It can be either installed as a stand alone feature on a website or deployed as part of the Smartico Gamification tool.

The CRM operators can change the whole look and feel of the game by customizing the user interface, background images, sounds and language. They can also set up how the prizes are won and decide the types of prizes on offer. A typical option is to provide some bonus points to the winner which can be used to gain discounts and bonuses while signing up or making a deposit.

What Can It Do for CRM?

It is an excellent substitute for the usual landing page or the info page used for logging in. Users can play the Loyalty Wheel and win prizes to avail discounts and bonuses for various activities such as signing up, making deposits or placing a bet.

In other words, it lets the potential customers actively win a personalized bonus or discount as opposite to passively getting some one-size-fits-all benefit. Initial results prove its efficiency too. Based on the results of initial trials and use, customer conversion improves by 5-20% when using Loyalty Wheel.


Deployment and Implementation

Smartico has made the installation of Loyalty Wheel a breeze.

It can be seamlessly deployed into an existing website. All it takes is embedding some JS codes and a few hours of technical trial and error.

The following are the main features of Loyalty Wheel:

  • Options to provide multiple games simultaneously: Multiple games with different sets of results and prizes can be made available to users.
  • Customizable user interface and wheel design: User interface can be customized with company logo and text in any language. The wheel design and appearance can be modified too.
  • Multiple skins: It is available in multiple skins, for instance wood, cosmic and metallic.
  • Platform-independent functionality: It functions seamlessly on all platforms such as mobile, web and other native platforms.

Once successfully deployed, CRM operators implement the kind of game that ensures best conversion.

The operators have several options to help them bring out the best games possible:

  • Spin cost options: The operator can set a pre-defined cost of spin attempt (for example, based on user action, such as one spin for every log-in attempt and 1 spin for 1 euro deposited. The cost can also be based on loyalty points such as 100 points for one spin or it can even be totally free spins).
  • Segmenting the games based on customer type: The operator can set which of the users get to play the games, for example available only to VIP customers or only to first-time users).
  • Customizing the prizes: The operators can customize the prizes based on the season or customer type.
  • Communication options: The communication regarding the games such as winning prizes will be done through emails, SMS, push notifications or website pop-ups as set by the operator.
  • Call for action: The operator can set a congratulation message that will appear once the game is over, which can lead the user to a specific page, such as a registration page or deposit page).
  • Game preview mode: The operator can preview the game after making all the customization before going live.
  • Analytics: Analytics of game usage, prize distribution and customer behavior are also available.

Endless Possibilities

The best thing about Loyalty Wheel is the possibilities it offers a CRM operator. It turbocharges the CRM’s journey towards optimum customer conversion.

After all, conversion is the bread and butter of every CRM. No amount of gamification can help if it does not bring sufficient conversion.

Loyalty Wheel, aided by human imagination and data analytics, has the potential to become a game-changer for CRM operations.

May be it could also ensure that CRM is no longer a game of luck.

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