Personalization and The Paradox of Choice

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Online casinos were first launched in the mid-90s and have been seen as the final frontier for many of the brick-and-mortar operators.

The mid-90s, were among the most interesting times when it comes to the build of online gaming industry in which we find ourselves today. Along with internet development, pioneer online payment services started to operate in the first half of the 90s. This also paved the way for the online casinos to be developed.

Quick fact: In 1994 Stanford Federal Credit Union was established – the first financial institution which offered online internet banking services to all of its members. However, first online payment systems weren’t user-friendly at all and required specialized knowledge of encryption or data transfer protocol.

Electronic fund transfer was first introduced in 1871, when Western Union (then the Western Union Telegraph Company) launched electronic fund transfers (EFTs) as a payment method for exchanging funds. Otherwise known as “wiring,” EFTs became popular as quick and easy ways to send money without requiring a physical exchange of cash between the sending and receiving parties.

So, you see, there have been many developments which amazed humanity back in the 90s. Online casino was only one of them. But, it was a stroke of genius! The notion of online gamblers was first introduced and fast forward to our days, you most probably find all these online casinos on

Now, back to the past….

With the launch of online casinos and live dealer casinos, a sophisticated flesh-and-blood human dealer could stand at an authentic casino table with real quality equipment, officiating and supervising a session which could be broadcast online live to screens all over the world.

But, this awesome concept has seen its downsides and this revolutionary new way of enjoying casino failed to take off and immediately dominate the online gambling scene.

The reason, lack of enough technology advancement that could ensure a smooth and immersive experience. At first, the PC units lacked the necessary hardware and were at the mercy of unreliable dial-up internet modems. Second, not everyone owned a PC and internet connection.

However, we are talking about an industry that progresses at the speed of light, players and operators were unforgiving of the delay. As technology caught up and high-speed multifunctional devices became more accessible to everyone, online sports betting and virtual slot have entered the scene with their bright colorful animation and simple interfaces. Live casino was pushed to the side, but the story doesn’t end here.

Luckily, as we know, the story of live casino did not end there. The advent of game-changing smartphones facilitated the two most crucial elements of any live gaming experience: graphics and streaming quality.

Technology advanced, interfaces got faster, sexier and easier to use. Along with these, another vital layer of the platform evolved in the form of improved chat functions.

This development elevated live casino from ‘game’ to ‘experience’. You now have the ability to effortlessly communicate with dealers and other players. These features increased the illusion of authenticity and allowed for the complex emotional tension that is vital to many tabletop casino games.

I guess this came in handy for players in New Zealand during their long lockdowns in 2020 and 2021.

Nowadays, live casino options are one of the most highly sought-after products and the public interest is at an all time high. Despite this, many gaming operators are lacking in their selection. Game providers and stream providers are doing exciting things with cutting-edge technology and are already creating the next wave of players. A new wave which was created as an effect of the social distancing measures and fuels the modern gaming market.

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