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International betting and gaming industry event organizer SBC launches a brand new in-person conference and exhibition for the CIS and Eastern European markets. Presented by Parimatch, SBC Summit CIS brings together regional market leaders, national state authorities, and international partners to discuss the future development of the region.

Holding an event of this magnitude in Kyiv confirms Ukraine is becoming a significant new player on the gambling industry map. On the summit panels, state authorities and business representatives discussed the prospects for the region’s development as a gaming hub for Eastern Europe and the increased interest in the Ukrainian market from global players.

The participation of the Olympic gold medal-winner and First Deputy Head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Youth and Sports, Zhan Beleniuk, who opened the summit, served as a powerful reminder of the strong connection between sport, government, and the entertainment industry.

Oleksiy Kucher, Head of Executive Body, State Regulatory Agency of Ukraine:

“It’s our firm position that regulation needs to be simple, transparent, and understandable for business. The state approves such a positive goal as the step out from the shadow of the gambling business, but it can fail at the stage of implementation. If we do not regulate relations between clients, businesses, and regulators, gambling may step into the shadows again. We do not want this, and we will not let it happen. Gambling in Ukraine is doing well now, and it will be even more accessible, so keep it up and develop.”

Besides the latest developments in Ukraine, the conference sees renowned expert speakers examine the scale of the opportunities in other markets in the region and the potential impact of the latest technological developments that will filter through into next-generation iGaming products, and how could we forget the region’s leading suppliers who came to demonstrate their latest innovations.

Maksym Liashko, co-CEO at Parimatch Tech, said:

“The legalization of the market has opened up many opportunities for the development of the industry, attracting international capital and benefits for the state. The betting and gaming industry brings innovative technologies, high-tech jobs, and increasing technical expertise among Ukrainian specialists, thanks to the legalization. Proof of this was evident in the showcases presented at the exhibition. And this is just the beginning of Ukraine unleashing its potential.”

Another integral part of the in-person SBC Summit CIS was responsible gambling. The development of responsible gambling became essential in Ukraine to establish a legal market and comply with international industry standards.

Paul Dent, Gambling Therapy Manager:

“Gambling Therapy is very pleased to be working in partnership with Parimatch, the first of its kind in Ukraine to develop and progress more responsible gambling. Through Gambling Therapy, an online and international service offered by Gordon Moody, we will be offering free practical and emotional support to those struggling with gambling as well as supporting affected others. This will take the form of a helpline available in Ukrainian and Russian with access to highly experienced counselors, along with native-speaking groups and forums available 24 hours a day.”

Rostyslav Maikovich, Chief Analytics Officer, leader of the Parimatch’s Responsible Gambling Project:

“Responsible gaming is a significant part of Parimatch’s business development and caring for customers. We take experiences from successful world practices and European countries in this area: Parimatch’s Responsible Gambling Project is being implemented in development, analytics, and communications with clients. For example, the absolute world heavyweight boxing champion and gold medal-winner of the 2012 Olympics, Oleksandr Usyk, joins Parimatch brand as the Responsible Gambling ambassador. Oleksandr helps us to highlight the values of responsible gambling to audiences around the world.”


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