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October 11, 2021

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Hungary is a relatively new member of the online betting world but it is already moving rapidly towards e-wallets as payment methods instead of the traditional, widely used, debit card options.

In a way, it is not a surprise. There are more and more betting operators entering the Hungarian market and many of these sites are fairly new and offer many different types of payment methods. They also encourage their customers to use e-wallets instead of the commonly used Mastercard or Visa options.

Some of the betting sites do not even offer Mastercard or Visa as a withdrawal option. Meanwhile, the variety of the e-wallets move on a much wider scale.

In nearly every case, the most popular option is Skrill or Neteller. It is almost safe to say that you would not find a betting site in Hungary that would not prioritize Skrill or Neteller as their preferred overall payment method system. 

The only exception could be bet365 where players can still manage their deposits and withdrawals mainly through debit cards and not through e-wallets as the majority of the Hungarians still prefer Mastercard over other options.

However, Hungarians are not against the new ways of handling their sports betting payments. As there are more and more new betting sites operating in Hungary, the locals have high interest in seeing what they can get with newer sites, even if it means that they have to adapt to alternative payment methods quickly.

Today, apart from the earlier mentioned Skrill and Neteller systems, most betting sites offer Skrill 1-Tap, MiFinity, MuchBetter, Jeton or for instance EcoPayz.

One other big advantage that e-wallets have in contrast to debit cards is their reduced time for withdrawals. Depending on the certain withdrawal request, of course, one transaction may go through in less than 24 hours whereas the traditional debit cards take up to 2-3 days.

It is intriguing to see how one country’s sports betting payment method needs and wants are changing incredibly quickly. The variety is present as bettors are open to new ways and there is certainly a lot more sports betting going about to take place in Hungary in the future.

The payment method revolution has already begun, and the question is now more about the system that has the potential to primarily replace the currently preferred debit cards.


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